Wotan raportteja Infinityyn, kuvaraskas

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Wotan raportteja Infinityyn, kuvaraskas

Viesti Kirjoittaja Morze » La 13.01.2018 02:50

Huomasi, että viimevuotisen Wotan -nettikampanjan raporttini eivät olleet kadonnetkaan vielä bittiavaruuteen. Siirrän niitä tänne turvaan kevyesti editoiden. Kaikki pelit pelattiin siis viime keväällä/kesänä Noppakerholla. Pelasin kaikki pelit PanOceanian perus listalla, ampuvaa sakkia, melko suoraviivaisia pelata. Tässä pelissä vastassa oli Aatun Combined Army, korkealla teknologialla varustettuja alieneita. Skenaariossa Capturen and Protect päätavoitteena on käydä hakemassa vastustajan depolta majakka ja pitää sitä hallussa pelin loppuun asti.

The opponent was Aatu, who I lost against last week, so this was a chance for a rematch. The scenario was Capture and Protect, so I decided to bring in something heavy. I've had Dragao in broken state in my closet for over a year and this was a good change to fix it and bring it on the field again. Otherwise my list my list was pretty low on firepower, with heavy shotgun Bulletteer acting as secondary assault unit. The anvil was formed from Nisse, Black Friar, five Fusiliers (one of them hacker, one lt), Machinist with his palbot and Acontecimento Regular minelayer. I picked Kamau LGL and Switch, with latter pretending to be Warcor with his Holoecho. Switchihän sittemmin katosi pelistä erinäisten seikkojen johdosta

Aatu brought surprisingly compact list for him, his Onyx list consisting of two ikadrons, link with Nexus, Legate hacker and one Unidron, Plasma rifle Total reaction bot, Flash pulse bot, Doctor Worm with slave and two antennas. Clearly he had something hidden.

The table was pretty open. Two jungle areas decorate the corners and a police station holds one of the consoles in its cell.
Valiant PanOceanian forces deployed
Vile aliens coming out of the woodwork

I won the initiative and decided to go first. On my first turn Dragao advances in the middle of the table and shoots Flash pulse remote and Total reaction remote into unconsicious state and also manages to down both of the Ikadrons. Good start! "Warcor" follows him and manages to connect the console, thus revealing himself. Other troops advance a little, with Bulleteer being the most noteworthy, positioning itself next to the other console and thus protecting it.
Dragao covers while the mercenary secures objective

It's first turn for the Onyx and Aatu decides to fix what he can. Burning trough his Command tokens, he manages to heal both Flash pulse remote and Total Reaction remote with Doctor worm. Next he reveals TO marker near Dragao, but Dragao manages to discover it to be Noctifier hacker. Noctifier seeks cover and tries to capture Dragao with its EI hacking device, but to no avail. Aatu decides to build ARO trap for Dragao for the next turn instead. TR bot advances next to beacon to see Dragao. Big TO marker reveals itself, but doesn't do a thing, as it doesn't manage to single out Bulletteer.
Slitherin snake in the garden. Noctifier hacker moves in to position
A trap ready to be sprung.

Second turn. Switch impersonates with his KHD and moves forward. Flash pulse bot and Worm try to discover, but switch shoots the Worm with e/mitters instead (Aatu mixed up e/mitters and e/marat). Dragao decides to to risk it and moves onto shuttle. Burst 5 manages to not only prevent damage, but down two of the remotes too (again!). Dragao continues its rampage and shoots the Noctifiet, Dr. Worm and antenna, but not before Switch gets Sucker punched to death by Noctifier during a botched hacking attack.

Dragao isn't finished yet and shoots Umbra Legate (later Aatu reveals this was a breaking point for him) and runs to the Beacon. Sphinx decides to reveal itself and shoots with a flamer. Dragao flames back. Sphinx loses two wounds, Dragao zero. Lastly Dragao picks up the beacon and suffers a wound from the flame (opponent would have gone into retreat if I had killed Sphinx).
King of the hill. Trap denied!
Beacon secured, but not without a cost.

Aliens' order pool has been badly hit, but Unidron advances and manages to down Dragao with its k12 rifle, but not before going dogged itself.(=kuolee itsestään, on ns. laina-ajalla pystyssä) Unidron then melees Dragao and does Classified objective Extreme Prejudice in the process. Bulletteer shoots him down in revenge in ARO. Sphinx and Nexus position to guard beacon, with Nexus going into supressive fire mode.

Last turn for me and after switching one Fusilier from second order pool I still had ten orders. Bulleteer and infantry advance with coordinated orders, but Bulleteer steals the show. It flanks trough the jungle and finishes Sphinx with its heavy shotgun (surviving flames in progress) and afterwards shoots the Nexus at point blank. Lastly he pucks up the beacon.

Aliens are tabled with single antenna at their disposal, so no third turn for them.

Game was pretty one sided, with three models from my army doing most of the work. Dragao just butchered Onyx troops like there was no tomorrow and despite going down, almost single handedly won the game for me. TAGs on such an open table can be brutal and I passed saves better than usually. Bulleteer on last turn was cherry on top and Switch did the vital objective before going down. Aatu's beautiful army just didn't stand a chance with my troops punching above their weight class (or in their class in case of the Dragao). Rest of the army just provided order and closed off fire lanes with their ARO threat.
Little Bulleteer that could. After finishin the enemy TAG (and surviving its Heavy flamer), our shotgun toting mechanical hero kills the enemy Nexus agent and secures Beacon.
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Re: Wotan raportteja Infinityyn, kuvaraskas

Viesti Kirjoittaja Morze » La 13.01.2018 23:20

Edellisestä tekstistä saattoi päätelläkin, että mellä oli jo yksi peli alla.

The PanOceanian reinforcements disembarked the shuttle and took control the end of commercial hangar. To their dismay the other end was held by Morat menace, which was already running towards their position. Gritting their teeth they returned fire.

The Morat started their first turn by trying to remove Fusilier Missile launcher with Yagoat sniper trough smoke cover, but the valiant defender killed the alien instead. Not to be hindered by this, the alien leader Kornak Gazarot took matter to his own hands and shot the fusilier to dead himself. The total reaction bot of the aliens shot Nisse after lengthy exchange of fire. The Zerat captured two of the consoles from the left side of the table and planted some mines. Kornaks Haris -member Raktorak had captured a console as well.
Missile Launcher takes down alien sniper on the other side of the board
The alien commander takes matters to his own hands

At the start of their own turn, boys in blue removed the zerat by shotgun Bulleteer. PanOceania was pinned down by the alien robot, so after hidden Crocman FO (=Forward Observer, osaa suorittaa siis scenaarion tehtäviä) captured a console by herself, the majority of their effort were spend to remove it. Three coordinated orders later the robot was finally down, but so was the spitfire Bulleteer and Montesa suffered a wound. specialists were moved forward by the coordinated orders.
Zerat stalking the flank
Reaction bot has finally gone silent

At their second turn, The morats unleashed their preta link onto poor Montesa. Despite his sword skills, the poor knight was quickly removed. On the other side of the table, Daturazi was able to melee the remaining Bulleteer unconscious. Kornaks Haris link also killed one paramedic fusilier, wounded warcor and removed the broken Buleteer from table.

Pretat jauhamassa keskellä Montesa -ritaria joukolla rikki
Daturazi taisteluapina hakkaamassa robottia

On their second turn Fatherknight hacker killed the Raktorak and wounded couple of the pretas with Crocman, but is wounded in the process. Acontecimento regular killed the Daturazi responsible of wounding the Bulleteer.

The Pretas, now unchained, tried to jump on Fatherknight with their chain rifles. Returning fire from other units kills them both and Fatherknight survives. Suryat advances towards the middle of the table, as the Combined Army need to kill specailist to broke even. He manages to kill crocman after couple of tries (and kill the Acontecimento regular on the way), but on bizarre turn of events is rendered unconscious by the combined AROs of Machinist and the other Fusilier Paramedic.
Yhteistyö on voimaa

On the last turn, Machinist tries to shoot the remaining Daturazi unsuccessfully. The remaining Fusilier Paramedic advances, fails to capture a console, moves again, dodges mine and chain template, moves again and tanks chainrifle template and manages to steal a console from the aliens. So both sides have two consoles, two killed specialists, no classified and after counting the kills it turns out that aliens had killed 14 army points more, meaning that the game is 4-5 for the vile Morat scum by the slightest margin. Many of the choices or actions, even on the last turn, could have turned the game around in either
Fusilier Paramedicin kohtalon hetket
Musta noppa on panssariheitto ja hakee tässä tapauksessa 13 tai isompaa, valkoinen on Wip-heitto, jossa haetaan 12 tai pienempää.

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Re: Wotan raportteja Infinityyn, kuvaraskas

Viesti Kirjoittaja Morze » Ma 15.01.2018 02:02

Kolmas ja viimeinen rapsa, mitä tuonne tuli raapustettua. Tämä tuli kirjoitettua kampanjan jo sulkeutuessa, kiireessä ja pienellä motivaatiolla, mutta tulipa tehtyä. Kampanjan kliimaksi -skenaario, nyt jo vähän metsittyneen muukalaisten avaruusaluksen konehuoneen valtausta Avaruus-aasian kansalaisilta.
Deployment: Guarda, engie and the shotgun bulleteer on the left, fusilier paramedic, fusilier hacker, Joan 1.0. Acontecimento regular (sensor) and Sepulchre knight on the right. JSA had Karakuri Haris and Rui Shi on the left, Flash pulse remote, keisotsu hacker and Domaru Duo on the right. There were one crocman and two ninjas in HD across the board.

PanO starts and the Guarda de Assaulto engages the Karakuri with Mk12. Too bad a assault hacker ninja was hiding on the roof next to him and manages to isolate him. Fusilier hacker to the rescue and he manages to brainblast the ninja after couple of tries. Machinist fixes the isolation from Garuda and the shooting continues, but only thing that happens is that the auxbot lays smoke cover for the bulleteer to advance with. Troops on the right advance slightly and finally manage to take down the flash pulse bot.
A distance, cover and smoke don't protect the ninja, as the Bulleteer's repeater relays the deadly data from fusilier

Yu Jing doesn't lay idle, and Ruishi advances and shoots the Bulleteer and then manages to down the already wounded Guarda, but the machinist survives. The jungle terrains hinder its movement further and it's PanO's turn again.
Bulleteer takes some hits from passing Rui Sh
Wounded Guarda. The smoke had already cleared, but the template was forgotten there.

I have a Crocman FO in Hidden deployment, but it's under the Bulleteer, so I choose riskier approach and move the Paramedic fusilier (along other troops with Joan's free coordinated orders) and manages to revive the Guarda with his medkit at max range. Guarda then murders the Rui Shi and shoot enough smoke to let Engineer to move next to the Bulleteer and he fixes it, but Saito Togan engages him in ARO. The plot thickens.
Max distance revivals are always fun, especially when they succeed.
Lil' bit of smoke for cover.
Fixing robot...
Ninja hyökkää!

Yu Jings second turn. Karakuris advance and after double Crit, Guarda is finally dead. They also manage to connect an antenna and kill the paramedic Fusilier.
Robotic geishas...
...advanc and take position, dealing death.

Sensor Acon regular is in perfect place to utilize triangulated fire and kills Saito Togan effortlessly. Bulleteer moves to cover Karakuris with his repeater. Crocman reveals himself, connects the middle antenna and drops an repeater. Couple of coordinated orders more and fusilier hacker has connected the rightmost antenna, crocman the enemy console and the rest to cover my console.
Triangulating fire
After droppong the reapter, the Crocman start her trek to the enemy console.

Final turn and the enemy Domaru tries to shoot my fusilier. He fails, as Nisse downs him after second order. Karakuris try to advance to the middel antenna, but Fusilier Gotcha! couple of them, so the final Karakuri does classified (telemetry) and runs to my console. It manages to Connect it, but dies in the process, so the enemy couldn't control it in the end.
Immobilized Karakuris
The last efforts of Karakuri manages to even the result, but PanO wins 7-4 nevertheless.

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