Drukhari vs. Instigators 1850p 8th Edition Video BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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Drukhari vs. Instigators 1850p 8th Edition Video BATREP

Viesti Kirjoittaja Lost Vyper » Pe 12.01.2018 20:35

No more dairy product lists!

Back to the true kin, got some Incubi, Wyches, Warrriors, Talos, Grotesques, Haemonculi, Drazhar in this one, not even an Archon!

Opponent is a known foe for the Silent Serpent (Space Marines, using Black Templar doctrine, chapter called "The Instigators", beautiful army!), so Gravon didn´t even bother to venture forth to the ruined city to face it. He hired Lelith and her Wyches and some Haemonculi monstrosities to defeat the enemy...how did his gambit pay off?

Well, come and see it yourself, we tried the Tactical Gambit mission on this one and it caused people being called "a princess" or "a wuss" while determing, how much are we gonna gamble :).

This was all in good sportsmanship trashtalk and funny as h***...


- Lost Vyper

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