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New Drukhari vs. Adeptus Mechanicus 1650p 8th Edition VIDEO BATREP

Lähetetty: To 12.04.2018 08:05
Kirjoittaja Lost Vyper
Finally it is here!

The new codex! I´m trying as much as new stuff i got fitted in to 1650p, three Patrols, three Warlord traits, three Obsessions (Prophets of Flesh, Speed of the Kill,The Serpent´s Kiss), few strategems, relic, etc etc etc!

Grotesques, Wracks, Raider, Venoms, Wyches, Succubus, Talos, Haemie, Archon, Warriors all came to party!

Giddy like a kid in a candystore, come and see how the new Drukhari fared against the Ad Mech in a Cleanse & Control -mission...

- Lost Vyper