40k Siege of Chernobyss

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40k Siege of Chernobyss

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Siege of Chernobyssin tarina on "fanipohjainen" eikä seuraa virallista fluffia 100% tarkkuudella. Kyseinen 6 osainen tarina kehittyy, kulkee ja jatkuu Warhammer 40k Stronghold Assault-kampanjan mukaan. http://petrifications.deviantart.com/jo ... -686235294

Blights of Chernobyss
Planet Chernobyss was once harmless Imperial feudal world, home to the billions of souls. It had a perfect life, all knew their places, all knew their duty to their lords, vassals and to the Emperor. The Imperium was surely comforted this would last, both to the next day and the next century.

But the hope is the first step to the road of disapointment.

The planet had many underground vaults, known only by the Inquisition who used them to keep hidden the confiscated relics, artefacts and technology from the prying eyes of xenos and heretics. To keep their secrets the Inquisition wiped out the Chernobyss's existence from the Imperial records and maps, but unfortunately such task proved impossible when the terrible blights appeared.

The warp storm blocked out the sun, the waters rot, the Nurglings played across the lands, the clouds of flies filled the skies, the animals mutated into menlike creatures, livestocks turned diseased, the children grew sick with fever and the dead started walking.

Tormented by these blights, the people of the lower castes begged and prayed aid from the ruling High Houses and the Adeptus Ministorum, but they answered with silence and closed doors. The ruling High Houses feared that calling the Inquisition would end up into Exterminatus and the Adeptus Ministorum claimed that these blights were tests of faith by the Emperor and they would pass.

Frustrated and despaired the lower castes turned for heresy to seek any aid or salvation and the single whisper of Nurgle answered the call. The Blight King, Amphion Krayt the Terranborn step forth from the warp, leading a warband of Dusk Raiders. This heretical space marine had been in Chernobyss before, fighting against the Ork Empire during the days of the Great Crusade.

Returned as terrible Chaos Lord his Dusk Raiders spread, slaughtered and conquered across the planet Chernobyss. The armies of Adeptus Ministorum and the knights of High Houses soon fell against the might of heretical space marines and their traitorous lower caste allies.

Ravaged by the unholy war, the Blight King claimed the planet for himself and feeded upon its despair and misery, unaware of the prizes beneath his feet. Chernobyss was now reborn as plagued daemon world where the warband of the Dusk Raiders grew into size of a legion and served as launching point for the campaigns of conquest in the name of the Plague God Nurgle.

The Necron Raids
The fall of Chernobyss did not go unnoticed by the Imperial Inquisition but reclaiming its vaults from the heretical invaders proved nearly impossible task as they themselves were to blame by eradication of all the possible leads to the planet. The fear of Bligth King finding out the secret vaults was doubled as another great evil stepped in fray.

To the Overlord Messrem the Numerous, Necron ruler of Oruluer Dynasty, the task of finding the missing planet was childplay when he compared the Imperial maps to his own knowledge of stars. The soulless automaton was intrigued about the Inquisitorial vaults as it was reported that one of them held the ancient Starmap created by the Old Ones themselves. Such treasure would be his to be taking.
The first major conflict between the Dusk Raiders and Oruluer Necrons ended up in defeat as Messrem had not anticipated the legion's might nor had any experience on fighting the daemon world and its inhabitants. As next course of action, he feigned several raids on the planet, each of them countered as he tested the legion's mettle and skill while seeking the Starmap's whereabouts.

Part 1: Breakthrough
After 5 years of constant raids in Chernobyss, Oruluer Dynasty has finally located the location of the Imperial Inquisition's secret vault which holds the ancient Starmap of the Old Ones. Unfortunately to the Necrons the vault is deep within the Dusk Raiders territory which is heavily defended and assaulting there would require all their might. Messrem the Numerous well knew that this course of action would cost of his foothold on the planet and reveal its secrets to the Bligth King himself should he falter.

Messrem the Numerous gathered his forces and started his long march through the warp infected wastelands until he arrived to the Walls of the Teeth where the Blight King himself was ready to face his rival. As the Oruluer Necrons charged at the walls, the Dusk Raider Obliterators alongside with their defensive battle cannons opened fire, leaving nothing left of the soulless automatons expect smoking craters and the very few who somehow survived through fire were quickly shot down with roar of bolters by the renegade space marines. Even the Illuminor Szeras himself, who had agreed to aid Messrem in his siege, with the promise of gaining living Plague Marine as reward for later research, was felled by the heretical defenders.

The Blight King fought in the frontlines alongside with his squads of Plague Marines, seeking to face his rival and end him for good. Unfortunately for him, his search was quickly interrupted as the Necron Doom Scythe appeared from the sky, blowing up the Nurgle's champion into crater. With some unholy miracle, the Bligh King later rose up from his would be tomb when the battle was over. He unleashed roar of anger as Messrem the Numerous had once again escaped from his grasp across the battlefield.

In the end only the few and fastest of Oruluer Necrons like the Tomb Blades and Destroyers, including the Overlord himself had succeeded to fly over the defences, but their heavy losses might have cost them the foothold on Chernobyss. With this grim defeat the Oruluer Dynasty continued its march forward with haste.
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Re: 40k Siege of Chernobyss

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Part 2: Bunker Assault
With the failed breakthrough in the front lines of Walls of the Teeth, the Dusk Raider defenders called in an orbital bombardment from their lord's personal Battle Barge, the Starscream to wipe out any remaining Oruluer invaders who had survived. The Blight King gazed upon the twisted copses where the surviving Necrons had marched, as they were blown away into pieces. The Siege of Chernobyss was over before it truly began.

Suddenly the great thundering boom was heard as the large Tomb Fleet appeared into Chernobyss' orbit, equal to the Plaguefleet itself. The vox-channels were quickly reporting of sudden rise of the Oruluer Necrons while the great Monoliths and Night Scythes came down from the skies. The true Siege of Chernobyss had began.

Led by their Blight King with the aid of his Sorcerer, the Dusk Raider defenders unleashed roar of fire upon the Oruluer invaders from their walls. The Warp and C'tan energies clashed against each other as the Plague Marines fought the Necron Warriors, falling and rising again, both of them unable to truly kill the other. It first felt like the history was repeating itself as the defenders were able to hold their front lines, but suddenly all changed as the ghostly Canoptek Wraiths appeared out of nowhere, moving through the walls until they reached the heretical Space Marines, cutting them with their Whip Coils.

Soon Walls of the Teeth began crack with holes as the bunkers were destroyed, forcing the Blight King himself to give a command for his Dusk Raiders to fall back from the front lines deeper to their walls. When he gazed upon the fallen battlefield for the last time, he saw the great Necron figure standing beside the burning remains of the defense battle cannons. It was the true Necron Overlord, Messrem Prime the Numerous who had send many of his copied minds to scout the planet and to test the Dusk Raiders' mettle and skill. Both of them stood silent, gazing each other before the planet's ruler slowly falled back, swearing in Nurgle's name to make the soulless automaton pay for this insult.

Part 3: All-Out Attack
With the element of surprise at their side, the Oruluer Necrons flood in like a unbound waterfall through the broken ram, pushing aside anything that came to face them. This bunker assault had been a great success but Overlord Messrem Prime knew that it was fighting against time before the Blight King realized that the goal of this stronghold assault is not a planetary conquest but looting the secret vault where the Starmap was hidden.

Unfortunately for the invaders, the Dusk Raiders quickly recovered from the sneak attack by the Canoptek Wraiths and rallied back with the mighty Knight Titan of Nurgle. If the soulless automatons like the Necrons could still feel fear, they certainly would with the sight of this ancient relic from the Age of Horus Heresy as its firepower rained ruin and destruction upon them.

As the invaders were pushing the defenders, the Blight King himself joined the battle with his Plague Marines and outflanked the Necron Warriors, trying to cut a path to the Overlord but unfortunately it once again phase shifted out from the battlefield as Messrem Prime saw that this all-out attack was already costing too much and thus was forced to retreat in order to find another path.

The Blight King had began to grow suspicious about the Overlord's motives as tracking its movements has shown no sense with the rest of this siege and thus doupt of having something far bigger behind all of this has began playing in his mind. Whatever the Necrons want from the planet Chernobyss, it would certainly be claimed by the dark will of Nurgle.

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