Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Relic of the Deep hulk 3

The quiet rumbling of servitors engines and sounds of they working keeps Corxus's mind back on the ground as the chapter's sacred armour is slowly being encased around his body. His thoughts are rushing back and forth by the effect this sudden high given honour. He isn't even a veteran and now he has received an terminator honour and the right to wear the this armour. How have this come to be? What have he done to receive it instead of another veteran? The more he thoughts about it, that much more a feelings of disapproval and doubt mix in with his thoughts.

"We are almost ready brother librarian. Only your psychic hood remains slightly disconnect still, yet I shall get that fixed now. Then you must hurry to boarding pods to sign up with your squad."

"Do you know how many are going upon this mission Noll?" Corxus asks up still tangled by his thoughts as a voice calls out to them from the door way with slight sound of knocking against the metal frame.

"There are two squads commanded upon this mission librarian. On top of that the chapter master and the first captain are coming with us, each of them to different squad."

At the door stands another marine within his own hulking terminator armour baring the colours and sigils of the first company. His face shows the scars and ringgles of the ages of services. Despite it his hair is short cut and brim black along his eyebrows. His eyes are filled with sense of duty and honour through his age, which shows within his voice.

"Brother sergeant Tulnius." Noll replies to him as he waves his hand to stay at ease.

"No need for formalities Noll, you know we basically share the honour now, but to my point is the joiny ready to leave yet?"

"Almost. I only need to do few quick adjustments and you should be good to go." Noll replies and keeps working upon the hood as Tulnius turns his eyes Corxus, while moving closer to them.

"And you must be brother Corxus."

"Yes that's I brother sergeant. I believe you are in command of my squad." Corxus answers to him staying still at the same.

"You are correct, except it is Titanius who is in overall command of the squad. Tell me librarian, in which company have you served in your combat time?" He asks out.

"You mean after the time of initial training to become a full legionnaire? I served in 4th company before I was assigned back to fortress monastery. Why if I may ask?" Corxus replies little bit confused.

"Oh nothing or nothing by me, but except to have a tough time within my squad librarian." He says out as his voice becomes more serious sounding.

"I doubt that will be any different than in any other squad." Corxus says out as the deep silence fells within the vault.

"That is where you are wrong brother librarian... very wrong, but you will see just how wrong... I expect you to show up soon at the boarding pod and there you will meet rest of our squad. Is that clear?" Tulnius asks and gets ready to leave.

"Loud and clear sergeant. I shall meet you there." Corxus replies to him as he turns to walk away, yet then he suddenly turns back to says "oh and brother librarian just as an advice: you better stick with formalities, especially around the captain. Just for your own good."

Then he turns and walks away as the notification about the arriving space hulk sounds out from the vox...

Okay here is the fourth part and the last part before the departure to the Deep Pearl. ;)
Next part will be a lot longer as I'm going to do it by the computer and finish up this more like a Introduction part. Also sorry this didn't come earlier but i was sick almost a week straight. :)

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Everybody thought this would be an easy assignment by what they have heard and what they had been told. Then again what truely is an easy assignment here in imperial guard...
I stand up from my office chair and head for a door at front of me, only stopping to pick up my hat, coat and lastly my trusty old power sword, which is leaning next to the door in its scabbard.

"Yet another duty awaits us old friend and as the Emperor expects it shall be done once more."

I sigh silently, feeling slightly tired by my creeping old age, even though being in really good physical shape for someone my age. This endless war has truely made me tough, resilient and outright lethal man to both my enemies and allies alike. Some may say I'm stubborn, vigiliance and ruthless by my mind and ice cold to my core... Good, let them think that even in there peaceful moments. Over these long years I have given my body, mind and soul into his service like any good and willing commissar should. It has been over forty terran years since I was named Lord commissar in his glorious service. Very proud moment indeed in my life.

With a hiss the door opens before me as I enter my personal codes into the terminal, wishing me the farewells as I head towards the officers briefing room. It is surprisingly quiet in the corridors even within over ten thousand personel onboard, although I just might still be in the area where isn't activity. My boots clang against the metal floor of the vessel, breaking the silence around me, although noice of the guardsmen on board is coming closer and closer all the time as I keep walking along the corridors and stairway. Yet I do not descend upon them just now as I approach the officer quarters. Then I spot in my eyes a familiar figure of an officer I have get to know in these past few months of travel.

"General Sagon, you wouldn't hold that door for me?" I ask loudly of him, only a few meters away.

He looks over his shoulder briefly with little surprised and unpleasant look on his face before open the door. "But of course commissar Stern."

I pay to him not much attention, but with a whisper I reply to him "It is Lord commissar Stern to you son." as I pass him by with a cold gaze in my eyes and ascend among the other officers within the darken briefing room.

The air within is heavy and covered in the smell of the smoke of cigars and old alcohol The holotank in the middle of the room has already been lightened up. All around it sit about fifthteen to twenty officers, ranking from majors to generals talking amongst themselves about the assignment. Slightly behind some of the officers stand their regimantal advisors and bodyguards, which is crowding up the quite small room. I pass along amongst them to my own seat close to the left side corner of the room from where I can see all of them clearly, while Sagon takes his place on the right side where his own advisors have been waiting for him.

It doesn't take long for the rest to arrive to their places after us and then the door is sealed close once again, setting a glooming darkness within just before a older man with a short grey hair and long grey mustache stands up from his seat and walks up to the holotank to pronounce the start of meeting.

"Fellow gentlemen and ladies it is time for us to sit down now and take on the next duty given to us by segmentum command. As you can see from the holotank, that is the world of Gruvan IV. It is a world that was brought under the care of Imperium and the Emperor not so long time ago as you might see from the briefing material presented in front of you. Yet now for some unholy reason the new governer has decided to turn away from his majesty's light and enter in open rebellion against him. This is something we of the Imperial guard cannot allow.." He keeps on talking about the situation, while I watch over them only turning my gaze for short moments upon the material in front of me.

From the reports and history of the planet in its pretty obvious that we are in for quite heavy resistance, although some of the officers are arguing and underrestimating this point by neglecting upon their own regimental strengths.

More coming tomorrow and later on.. I promise! ;w;
And sry for being this short for now.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Jatkoa edelliseen:

The biggering and political showing off amongst the officers always tends to heaten up in these kinds of pre-planning and briefing meetings. Each of them has their own little power games to play, which is none of my concern really unless it gots into the way of their imperial duties. In those cases... well... I will extend them my more guiding hand in the manner of speaking. 503th regiment from krieg has according to the most recent report taken the initiative to begin the siege of fortified city of Junhech in the effort of our ground forces to push closer to capital hive and capturing a suitable base of operation for higher command. In the meantime the elements of 34th and 16th Auterion regiments are steadily trying to advance the main battleline towards the capital in more attritional battle although the success has been less great thus far.

Now two more fresh regiments are heading there as reinforcements along with this hastily combined mix of an regiment I'm heading there with. That mixing up clearly has caused many discipline problems in the troops. Not only two separate regiments with different origins and methods have been combined, also the men and women are currently under the same command.

In a sudden moment the room's door opens and closes as a younger man with quite similar uniform enters the room indentifying him as Himnlech, a junior commissar under my guidance. Just by having a small look at his face I know why he has come to me once more. I purposely stand up loudly, quieting the room down by a notch and wave to Himnlech to start heading out as I have noticed him.

"I shall take my brief leave ladies and gentlemen. I ask off you to keep going on without my presences for now. If something major gets decided put the necessary documents on my decks." I say out loudly ,while first following Himnlech out of the room and then outside besiding him saying with short sigh "It is Grugens unit again huh?"

After a small nod he replies "Third time in short span of time. It seems they just don't want to get in line.." as he slightly falls to walk behind me.

"Then it is time to force them in line.. And this time they won't forget it."

More and more serious and stern face grows upon my face as we get closer and closer to troop quarters. Although I pay it no heed, I notice it upon the faces of the guardsmen who happen to come to cross our path as they keep stepping aside by themselves and soon enough amongst the storm of sounds I hear out our target.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Jatkoa edelliseen:

The clear sound of fighting is evident to my seasoned ears as I move my palm upon the pommel of my sword instinctily. Couple of guardsmen rush ahead of us into the troop quarter as soon as they spot us approaching, announcing our immediate arrival in pure hopes that would stop the brawl going on inside. Unfortunately it had no apparent effect.

"Prepare yourself Himnlech, it seems we might have to use force here. Clear objective here is now to detain the fighters and take them to to ship's brig for further punishments. Those who do not comply to this will receive their punishments immediately."

I say as I draw out my power sword and power it up as we approach the doorway as some guardsmen outside step aside from our way.

"Understood. May judgement be swift and true." I hear Himnlech saying out slightly behind me before he dashes pass me into the quarters.

It is good to see such enthusiasm for ones duties and strong will in ones believes, but I know he still has a lot to learn. As I step inside after him my eyes narrow down to three men fighting at the middle of a loud group and four others wrestling on the floor with Himnlech and sergeant Grugen trying to restrain them.

"Guardsmen! Seize this foolish idiotic fighting at once!" I raise my voice high and loud, which quiets the hall down enourmously and turns many pale looking faces towards my direction, but with disappointment it doesn't stop the fighting before me. I head closer to the fighting trio, unholstering my secondary firearm of laspistol variant from my belt and without them noticing I approach with icy, but lethal calm.

Then at the point blank range of one of them I say before none can react further "your service is set." Just a blink of an eye later I pull the trigger. The laser beam pierces through the side of his headwith ease, killing him instantly. That sends a pure shock and a sign for the rest of the members in the fight to stop as his lifeless body collapses to the floor.

"This kind of actions and unsupporting things are not tolerated within this regiment and not under his beloved service. May this example hold through to you all to what happens when you do this kind of stupidity or is someone still willing to neglect their actual duties and stay out of line? huh?!" I say loudly staring out to all around me as I put my pistol back to its holster.

I scan around the hall with the tip of my sword pointing my gaze, but as the things calm down I choose to scabbard down my sword after powering it down as I continue

"Now then sergeant Grugen I task you with bringing these troublemakers down to the brig and I also shall assignHimnlech to oversee this procedure through. After that is done I want a full report on this incident upon my desk as soon as possible. From that I shall make a proper judgement on this event and see through proper disciplinary actions for these aggressors. Proceed gentleman."


At last more text to this one again... Okay I have had this part on paper for longer time, but haven't got down to write it up to my computer until now.. Anyways enjoy even if it is just a little more. ^^"

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