Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Lonely Legionnaire I:

Upon the plains of agriculture world Imon III the screams of death and roars of blazing guns can be heard along the whispering winds. The sun is shining upon tall grassed hills, which were once like made out of gold under such a bright shine; but now they are in turmoil by blood and war. Turned into a raging battle grounds between two clashing armies from Imperium of man and Tau Empire. During the beginning collision Empire had been pushing through the poor Imperial defense with rather ease, gaining confidents as they have marched onward, but now yet victorious Tau have came across another Imperial force, which proved out to be a quite harder to defeat. The company full of Imperium’s finest are joining into the fray, starting to push back the Tau invaders as the imperial guards gain time for regrouping their forces. Soon Tau army finds itself pulling back towards their initial landing zone. Ultra marines are chasing them driving them back close after, but yet there’s one marching alongside them. One that doesn’t bare the mark of ultra marine, but yet a completely different chapter. He’s quite tall even for space marine within his grim black terminator armour and alongside him he carries his massive weapon with two blades at each end from, which the blood of Tau who have fallen before him is dropping to beaten ground. Beside him walks an Ultra marine captain with his blue and yellow trimmed power armour, carrying a storm bolter at his left hand and his white helmet at his right; while ordering out the marines.

“Squad Segment advance upon the enemy’s right flank and bring down those battle suits from there.” Captain Azarel says loudly through the vox-channels do to the heavy firing, which almost covers over his voice.

“Affirmative captain. Moving into position.” Sergeant Orin responses almost instantly.

“We must gain control of that valley captain. Letting these xenos to escape is unacceptable. ” The tall terminator says out with a quite deep, smooth and calm experienced voice.

“We are pushing them back all the time, but now in this environment they have the cutting edge legionnaire. And if we don’t manage to find a way to cut down those heavy guns they have at the other side of the valley then their escape seems more like inevitable.” Azarel replies as he fires couple bursts from his storm bolter at the Tau lines.

“Then I think we have to make that way by ourselves captain.” Legionnaire replies with little laugh in his voice.

“Then what have you in mind?” Captain asks out as few pulse rounds glance against his fine made power armour, deflecting away harmlessly.

“I shall take a squad Aguila with me and we shall strike deep within enemy’s lines, breaking them from within and then you captain... You shall push your marines into advance simultaneously thus divining their defenses apart.” Legionnaire says as he turns to walk the other way with couple shots glance upon him as well while he passes between couple running marines.

“Pilot we need you to come for a pickup of squad Aquila and the legionnaire; he shall be giving you the further information about the plan.” Azarel says through the vox to the pilot of thunderhawk as he fires a couple more bursts towards the Tau lines.

“Understood we are on our way.” Pilot responses back.

Legionnaire walks all the way to the safe distance from the Tau position where he lays in wait for few short minutes before the thunderhawk arrives with its engine roaring, rising a cloud of dust as it lands upon the ground at front of the proudly standing legionnaire; opening upon its front hatch and revealing one person standing from behind it. That young looking person within his shining power armour is gazing silently his eyes upon the legionnaire, while holding his power sword at front of himself and bearing a quite recognizable icons upon his shoulder pads.

“I’m quite surprised to see you here... Inquisitor.”

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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“I’m quite surprised to see you here... Inquisitor.” Legionnaire says with little surprised tome as he walks onboard.

“It is my duty for the Imperium that lead me here space marine, but it seems you clearly aren’t from the ranks of Ultra marines so who are you and in which chapter do you belong?” Inquisitor asks as the hatch closes behind the legionnaire and the thunderhawk lifts off once again.

“I’m a proud death legionnaire of the god Emperor if that’s enough for answer, but who are you and what might you be looking from here inquisitor?”

“I’m Inquisitor Amerath from the Ordo xenos and my duties are none of your concerns as they are inquisition’s business.”

“Oh of course, but now inquisitor Amerath are you sure you can come with us in the middle of the enemy?” Legionnaire asks out making Amerath to take it little bit too much on him.

“Are you questioning my loyalty space marine?” He snaps back as the thunderhawk makes a landing once again and a squad of five ultra marines step onboard before continuing the flight.

“No of course not, just making sure you’re.” Legionnaire replies calmly and he turns to meet other Astartes members continuing “Welcome aboard Ultra marines.”

“Squad Aguila reporting in legionnaire and... inquisitor?” Squad’s sergeant says, while removing his helmet.

“Indeed. Inquisitor Amerath is apparently joining us in this mission, but now as for the plan we shall be dropping off at behind the enemy primary line and from there we shall start breaking up their rear guard thus allowing us to take out their heavy guns of course assuming our pilot can take us there first.” Legionnaire calls out loudly and soon the pilot responses

“You can consider it done already. I’ve flied this hawk through much worse.” He says through the vox with cheer confidence shining through his voice along with little laugh, but a minute after that the silence comes along with a sound of AA firing from Tau’s ground forces as the sky fills with whirling projectiles.

“Hold on back there, it seems this might get little rough for a ride.” Pilot says out sounding like he would be enjoying all of that’s happening.

The plane itself is shaking a little every time that a missile explodes near of it, but no one inside isn’t worrying about it so much, but instead they are preparing and checking up their equipments and wargears narrowly through. Legionnaire kneels down mumbling his prayers and vows to the god Emperor with Ultra marines, but inquisitor is just roaming around looking like he would be searching for something.

“Did you lost something inquisitor?” Legionnaire calls out to him, which seems to spook him a little.

“Kröhöm... Nothing particular... Space marine, I’m just in my own thoughts.” He replies quickly, which sounds little suspicious to the legionnaire’s ears; but before he has more time to ask the pilot reports for starting landing sequences in the hot zone.

The thunderhawk’s armour plating’s start immediately to take a massive amount of beating as it slows down to drop us out. Marine stand up upon their feets and prepare themselves for the fire bath where they are sending themselves into.

“I hope you’re ready for this battle brothers, since you can’t back down anymore. “ Legionnaire says with calm and fearless sounding voice as the hatch begins to open.

“We didn’t come here back down legionnaire!” They reply at the same time as everyone onboard braces their weapons ready towards the appearing Tau warriors and when the hatch finally hits the ground all of them yell at the exactly same time

“For the Emperor and Imperium of man!” as they storm out to field of battle.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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All seven of them charge through the rapid volleys of pulse and plasma rounds, clashing upon the xeno ranks with their monster like resolve and strength; slaughtering the much weaker Tau warriors around them seeming like unstoppable force despite being massively outnumbered. Between hurling rounds, flying dirty and spilling blood one of them remains quite calm even within those chaotic flashing moment. Legionnaire runs hastily towards his objective, which he has already set his eyes upon; cutting down any xeno who dares to come in his path with his massive blood stained blade. The massive suits are just beginning to turn at his direction as he tosses his blade onward like a javelin. The blade hails through the air and cuts through the first suit’s chest armour and pilot before getting stuck at the back of the cockpit. The suit falls to the ground, revealing another from behind it, pointing its cannon directly at the approaching legionnaire. He barely manages to start docking for cover as the shot is fired. The shot pierces through his left hand ripping it and making massive damage rendering it to be useless yet it doesn’t bleed as it doesn’t have blood in it any longer. He has lost his real hand a long ago in a completely different battlefield. Now revealed and damaged bionic metal joints are showing out from beneath his armour as he rushes forward his foe roaring his battle cry, yet only stopping to recover his mighty weapon.

“All xenos shall fall before me!” Legionnaire chants loudly as the suit reloads its weapon.

He swing his weapon with rest of his might, slicing the suit’s weapon in half before swiftly launching his blade into its armour with a deadly precision and strength as suddenly a loud bursting sound of jump pack appears just before a pair of assault marines descend upon the doomed battlesuit.

“You alright battle brother?” One of them asks out loudly through the sounds of raging battle around them.

“I’m just fine Ultra marine! A little scratch like this is nothing for us Legionnaires!” He calls out, while pulling his blade free once more.

“Now we must hurry! We have battle to win here!” He continues as few pulse rounds clash against his armour, making him to snatch away the marine’s bolt pistol before he fires a few rounds at his shooters.

“Now battle brother you should contact your captain and inform him to launch an assault as we have disabled or occupied the enemy’s heavy guns. The route should be clear for their assault, yet we keep on disrupting the enemy as long as we can.” Legionnaire says with his cold nerves.

“Understood sir.” The marine says out before before making contact.

“Squad Aquila, regroup at my position and bring our quest with you.” Legionnaire commands through the vox-channel to the scattered marines who have already take a serious amount of beating and yet have stubbornly kept on fight. Slowly one by one they start falling back towards the Legionnaire’s position.

“Come on Setino! You are almost there!” One of the younger marines yells to his brother as he arrives next to Legionnaire, behind the more protective cover of the fallen suits. Setino lips towards them with his armour in seriously bad shape before a burning hot plasma round melts through his knee, cutting his leg off as he falls to the ground. The roar of pain is loud and clear, which snaps something into the new recruit’s head.

“No Setino! I’m coming for you brother!” He yells out, but before he can charge into a suicidal attempt the Legionnaire takes a hold from his back bag and pulling him back into the cover.

“Whatta hell you are think you’re doing space marine?! Have you gone mad or something?!” Legionnaire roars at him as the recruit yells “I have to rescue Setino! I must save...” he repeats as legionnaire punches him, knocking him down to the ground roaring
“You fool! In that condition of yours you would not be able to even save yourself or your battle brother!”

“We can’t just leave him there!” The recruit yells back to him as he turns to look upon the struggling space marine. He squeezes his blade before he decides to do something utterly foolish and stupid. He strikes his blade standing on the ground saying “I will go to get him back so cover my back!” Before he charges out from the cover into the blazing enemy fire, rushing towards the wounded Setino.

“What are you doing battle brother?! Get back into cover or we both are going to get killed!” Setino yells to legionnaire as he arrives to him in that hellish fire storm.

“No! We are not going to embarrass the Emperor by falling here today Ultra marine!” Now get a hold on me, I’m getting you out of here!” Legionnaire says as he lifts him up to stand and painfully slow they start limping towards the cover in the covering fire from the other marines.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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Round after round of tau firing are glancing upon their already damaged armours, piercing their already wounded flesh before they finally manage to get back into their covered position. Despite the space marines regeneration genetics they’re both bleeding a quite much with Setino being in much worse shape. Legionnaire puts Setino down so that he’s lying against the fallen battle suit before recovering his blade.

“Sergeant! Any word from the captain?!” Legionnaire calls out as the recruit rushes to them only to end up hearing the roar of anger from legionnaire “Back into your post space marine! You still have work to do!”

The recruit doesn’t answer anything back and immediately rushes to his post as he does not dare to say anything back to furious legionnaire, but someone else does. That someone is Setino who calls out to “I apologize for the rookie commander, he doesn’t yet have enough battle experience to handle these things as we Astartes should.”

Legionnaire kneels down at front of Setino and he activates his blade to be ready.

“Then the blame is yours as when he has already gain his precious armour and based upon what I’ve witnessed so far I can say he’s not worthy to bare that armour yet. He must brush up his performance upon the battlefield or I will have to inform the captain about him. Now then... This is going to hurt a lot so hang along with me brother Setino.” Legionnaire answers to him as he presses his extremely hot blade against Setino’s remaining stub from his leg, burning the bleeding wound shut to avoid his further blood lost.

Setino in other hand is roaring like mad man from the pain, which would easily sound absolutely terrifying within the ears of normal guardsman or even Astartes fresh recruit yet to these much older and experienced space marines it was just like any other day in duty. Like it would be belonging within their very lives already.

Behind the Setino’s roar appears the voice of yelling Sergeant saying
“They should be here in any moment, so I guess we have to hold on against these accursed xenos a bit more time.” While he keeps on firing upon the thinning ranks of Tau troops as the marine beside him meets his end by a pulse round, which manages to pierce its way through his damaged chest plate and flesh beneath it.

Moment after moment their situation becomes grimmer and grimmer as another marine falls from overwhelming punishment of Tau weaponry as they wait for the main force to arrive for their aid. The remaining six are fighting for their lives and for their responsibilities with every last bit of determination they have left within themselves.

“What is taking them so damn long to do?” Sergeant curses, while docking behind the remaining cover from the firing as legionnaire turns to take a look at the sky.

“It seems they are just about to arrive sergeant...” Legionnaire replies just before a massive explosions fill the ground before them as the thunderhawk after another passes above them with their cannons blazing.

Soon after a loud sound of engines from tanks and dreadnoughts appear from behind them along with charging members of Astartes. That sight behind them is too much to bare for the remaining Tau forces around the legionnaire and rest of the squad and almost immediately they start to withdraw further within the valley before the first tau crafts begin to appear at the sky signing their ever closing defeat. The main force is hurrying after the withdrawing xenos, killing every one of the xenos who they are able to catch up with. Legionnaire strikes down his blade upon the ground, while standing there gazing after his passing battle brothers yet wondering about his own thoughts.

“You look quite beaten up legionnaire...” Azarel’s voice appears from behind the wondering legionnaire.

“Oh don’t you worry Azarel... These little scratches won’t keep me from delivering my fury upon the Emperor’s enemies, yet here’s one Astartes who could have use for apothecary.” Legionnaire answers by understating his injuries and pointing towards Setino.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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“He will receive the treatment he needs, but I think you also need some treatment legionnaire. We will finish up the rest.” Azarel replies while guffawing with little bit mechanical voice do to his helmet.

“Then I shall be counting on you Azarel. I’ll be heading back to the strike cruiser as I have someone I have to talk to.” Legionnaire says as he starts to walk away towards the closing apothecary. “Pilot I request an immidient pick up back to the ‘Faithfull’s sword’” Legionnaire calls through the vox-channel.

“Affirmative commander! Thunderhawk on route!” Pilot responses, while the Legionnaire falls within his thoughts as he roams through the rushing marine forces.
He’s so much within his thoughts he doesn’t even notice the apothecary walking beside him, looking at his hand shortly before saying “I recommend you to show this to brother Furnis.”

“I will... I will...” He replies sounding quite troubled about something.

Thoughts within his head are quite in disarray as he heads towards the meeting with a person who he wouldn’t want to see at this kind of moment. The reason for this depression and confusion towards the meeting didn’t come from this very battlefield or battle itself, but from the reason he had come for on Imon III a few months earlier. In the matter of fact he was the one who contacted the Ultramarines in the first place for to avoid losing the planet into xenos hands, yet even despite this he hadn’t found the one thing he was ordered to search from here.

Now within that moment of disarray he doesn’t hear the loud warnings of his brothers from between the sounds of raging battle before a gigantic roar of approaching cannon firing appears behind him. He has barely even time to turn around to face the incoming shot as the first one already explodes at front of him, making him to lose his footing for a moment. His already damaged armour is pushed towards limitations as it absorbs the massive force behind the shots, causing it to crack and shatter while his body takes on the rest. The pain is incredible despite pain suppressors and healing accelerators. He falls upon his knee with his blade struck down next to him, pressing his head down to the ground as the burning hot steam rises in the air from his now particularly melted chest piece. Those ultramarines that are still enough close to him rush for his aid, but are little match against this newly arrived and hastily approaching threat; which storms through them with little effort.

“Damn that one hurt... It’s just a pain to even breathe...” He curses as a gigantic pair of legs finally arrive standing straight at front of him.

Legionnaire looks upwards to gaze the monstrosity towering before him, ready for delivering the kill blow to now really bad shaped Legionnaire who’s still struggling against the pain.

Yet even in this dire moment he’s laughing a little while the blood bleeds out from his dried up mouth. Then he roars out “Bring it xeno scum! Let see what you are made of!” as the cannon above him charges up.

“Well I had a quite run eyh...” Legionnaire says quietly to himself while being ready to take on the shot just before it’s fired.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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For that slight moment he thoughts his days to be over, but his savior appears into a form that many marine would see as an honourable sight upon the battlefield as a brother Belimus charges at the colossal Riptide in a form a mighty dreadnought slamming its cannon off from its target. Then he immediately fires a volley of rounds away from his assault cannon directly at the suit, forcing it to back some distance away from the wounded Legionnaire.

“Are you alright space marine?” Belimus asks with loud and deep mechanic voice without letting it sight away from its foe.

“Barely Belimus, but we need to do something about that battlesuit before it can cause more harm.” Legionnaire replies while struggling through the pain and exhaustion to even get upon his feet.

He heavily relies on his blade for to walk as he slowly approaches towards Belimus one solid step at a time. The taste of blood is filling his mouth and his sight is getting a bit blurry along with every step he takes while Belimus tries to fight against Riptide flying around them, but even his cannon seems to have only a small effect upon it while he’s taking a beating upon his hull.

“We need to halt it into a place or it will hammer us down.” Legionnaire says out as he gets next to Belimus.

“Agreed... If we can take out its jet packs then we should be able to take it down.” Belimus replies to him as the next barrage of shots glance against his hull.
Legionnaire scans the battlefield with his eyes as he searches for at least some form of heavier weaponry to immobilize their faster moving target, spotting a body of fallen devastator lying upon rock pile and his lascannon a little further away.

“Keep on distracting that suit Belimus. I got an idea...” Legionnaire says as he starts lumbering towards the cannon while Belimus keeps on firing.

Although the distance is short it still feels like eternity for badly shaped Legionnaire as pain seems to increase all the time, making even the most basic things hard. Every time he draws breath his lungs feels like they would be burning and upon every step his legs are hurting more and more, yet despite this his will and determination won’t let him quit. He knows his brothers are counting upon him to do his duty as he grabs the lascannon in his hand, raising it up high for taking the aim just soon to realize how much his sight has blurred.

“Damn... If I just would have my hand in use.” Legionnaire curses while trying to aim at Riptide’s jet packs before it scores a heavy hit upon Belimus’s assault cannon, ripping it off from his side.

“Belimus!!” Legionnaire roars out before continuing by saying “I’m going to make you pay for that you damn xenos scum.”

Then he pulls the trigger unleashing the cannon’s power and in a flash the beam penetrates through the another jet pack upon the Riptide’s back, making it to blow off disturbing its flight and soon it crashes on the ground as the Belimus rushes towards it with his fist risen ready. Soon as in range he brings it down upon the doomed battlesuit, hammering it again and again until he has wrecked it into scrappy shape. Although it is a bloody sight Legionnaire is smiling from relieve as he tosses the cannon away to take a hold of his blade again.

Then he stays standing there, watching upon the horizon of battlefield without noticing when he loses his consciousness...

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ti 22.07.2014 21:51

Next time he regains his consciousness he wakes up from static chamber without knowledge when or how he had got there, but do to his surroundings he can clearly tell to be onboard Faithfull’s sword. Surprisingly there isn’t anyone else within the room, not even servitors who usually are roaming around these rooms. He opens up the chamber’s hatch and crawls outside before taking a look of his scared and bruised body with all of the bionic as well as mechanic parts showing now that he doesn’t have his armour on. His arm seems to be fixed and his wounds are quite healed suggesting that at least couple days have passed.

Then he looks around for his wargears and armour, yet only noticing his blade leaning against wall right next to the door. He walks up to his blade, lifting it up to while gazing its shining blades with his eyes just before he hears a few small and quiet steps behind him. The sound coming from those steps is not so loud that would come from an armoured marine. They clearly aren’t from servitor either and it can’t be a guardsman as this is marine cruiser after all. He was so sure there wasn’t anyone within the room just a moment ago, which makes his senses to go alerted state. He squeezes his blade slightly harder before making his move by turning around and swinging his blade, which comes to halt right next to that person’s throat that is now standing at front of him. There’s a woman there wearing a black carapace armour and clothing with the exception of white robes decorated with red markings on top of them and while carrying a golden necklaces with Inquisition’s symbol on it along with her inferno pistol upon her belt.

“Should I count that as act of heresy space marine?” Woman at front of him says from below the edge of her hood as legionnaire draws away his blade right next to him.

“My apologize Miruel, I thought you for enemy’s assassin or something... Yet I cannot help, but to wonder why you are still here?” Legionnaire asks as Miruel lowers her hood for revealing her slightly pale face to him. Her light green eyes are looking so deep and pressing that some men could break just from seeing them as they are revealed below her darker hair.

“I had to gain the current information about our mission from you before I could move on, so may I have your report?” She says very formally and gravelly just like most of the inquisitors from Ordo hereticus.

“Well simply putted... There was nothing there except couple lowly renegade guards, which provide absolutely nothing useful information... Otherwise it seems he was one step ahead of us...” Legionnaire answers.

“Damn! How those bloody heretics do always manage to slip away...!” Miruel yells and curses before suddenly calming down.

“Sigh... Well they have to be somewhere within the nearby planets still, so I shall command you to move to the next closest planet from here...” Miruel continues.

“You do not have command over me Inquisitor. My one and only lord is the Emperor himself and no one else! Do to this I shall not follow your orders, but yet I shall show you my next course of action.” Legionnaire says loudly, but calmly.

“I cannot say that I approve this matter, but I shall listen up your plan before I make the decision for the course of action. In any case I’m yet to notice that you’re still missing your armour, so suggest that you suit up before doing anything else Stanfar...” Miruel replies with little sarcasm in her voice before pointing at the door and saying “along this way, so we can get you your armour. “ Then she lifts up her hood before exit the room legionnaire right behind her.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

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They walk through the hallways with deep silence between them as either of them ain’t talking while walking there. The hallways are surprisingly quiet and empty as only a couple servitors and few marines walk by before they reach upon to the armoury. She inserts the access code to the door panel and as the door opens it reveals a quite disturbing sight from behind it. A few inquisitional henchmen and some amount of servitors are going around places by the guidance from a senior techmarine Don.

“Brother Don! Where would my beloved armour be?” Legionnaire shouts out before Miruel is even able to open her mouth.

He turns around to face the approaching couple when saying “Well m’I surprised to see you back on your feet battle brother and you have broad a visitor with you I see...* before a servitor pumps at his back while carrying some engine parts.

“Watch where you are going! Those are important equipments and replacement parts!” He roars to servitor, which continues its going like nothing wouldn’t have happened.

“Techmarine he requires that armour I bestowed here.” Miruel says out while avoiding showing her face.

“Oh yes the armour... It should be somewhere there at the back unless it hasn’t been moved by some of these dumbasses... they don’t do servitors like they used to these days” He mumbles while clearly being annoyed.

“Great we will also require a few servitors to assist to get him armoured once again” Miruel says as Stanfar walks pass her towards back space of the armoury to search up his armour with the thought that he will soon be hunting down his target once more.

He searches the place up with his eyes spotting one piece of his armour at the time and keeps collecting them up until he finally gets his hands upon his helmet. He stares it with his eyes and it almost seems like the helmet would be staring straight back at him with its red eye lenses. While gazing those lenses many memories from the past delve back into his mind. All of that bloodshed, carnage and death he have witnessed from behind them upon dozens and again dozens of different battlefields. Every single sweet victory he have gain and every single bitter defeat he have had to endure, but there’s not even a single thing within his memories that he would doubt or regret. He have witness an unexplainable horrors of space or warp that have claimed many of his brothers as he has fought on, yet that fact doesn’t make him sad... No... That fact makes him to joy as his brothers have already gained the greatest honour that Astartes can achieve. He sighs deeply before Miruel calls to him “Are you ready space marine?”

Legionnaire turns to her direction and walks to her handing over his helmet “Sure... Patch me up.” After that they head to where the rest of his armour is and immediately as Miruel calls the sign a group of servitors and her “assistants” begin to suit him up within his armour piece by piece with precision and care, testing and checking every piece at least couple times all the way until finally only his helmet remains. Then the Legionnaire halts the process by taking the helmet away from the servitor, while signing them to go away.

“What’s wrong Astartes? You look troubled.” Miruel notes as legionnaire turns to look at her.

“Do you remember Miruel the time when we first met? On Rythel?” He asks out.

“You do know that is classified information Astartes? It should not be talked about in a place where it can be heard by wrong personalities...” Miruel says while watching the surroundings before continuing “But yes I do remember that...”

“Then Miruel I have to say this now... That man who was there by our side upon that day is the man who we have been after all these years...” He says clearly shocking Miruel as he puts his helmet on.

“That is impossible... There is no possible way he could have survived that...” She says while trying to sound reasonable.

“And yet he did... He’s alive Miruel and he must be stopped or something really bad is going to happen...” He says out as Miruel answers “You’re certain about that you just said? You have a proof about that?”

“Miruel... I saw him by my own eyes, walking alongside with other traitors while sharing the very same symbols as they do and that’s the only proof I need to kill him.” He says loudly.

“Then there isn’t much of a choice left, but to hunt him down and execute him just like every other heretic...” She turns to punch a wall with her fist while continuing “I just can’t believe he fell to that he hated so much...”

Legionnaire turns away from her and starts walking towards the exit saying “I will be at the command bridge when you’re ready to return to your duties” only stopping to grab his blade along with him.

Ja tähän tämä tarina onkin sitten jääny koska olen laittanut sen tauolle jatko-suunnittelua varten. :)

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ti 22.07.2014 22:02

Nyt vielä pienempi stoori tähän jatkoksi. Myöhemmin lisää luettavaa. ;)
So the question is, which one is mightier pen or sword? Or can they even give a challenge to thundahammah! :D
Angel Thamos:

Perhaps that day could have been like any other day in a line of duty. It could have been just like any regular morning on hive world Darthax II… Or so I thought before I saw it… Before I saw something so terrifying that I had never saw in my entire life.

“What exactly did you see Mr. Hull?” low and quite mature voice asks out from the dark.
I… I can’t really describe it…

“Then it would be the best if you would try...”

Wait let me start from the beginning… Despite Darthax II being a major hive world its garrisons are surprisingly low at numbers of tech guards as in past few weeks before I saw it something had started to cut down their numbers in the under hives. Of course the authorities tried to deny it and gave out false reports about things, but many had noticed their witling numbers. None of the gangs had take responsibility for the missing or dead tech guards, yet they took much out from this opportunity.

“Get to the point Mr. Hull…”

Well in that fateful morning I was heading to work at the manufactorum just as usual through the territory of gang called “Blooded roses”. My home isn’t luckily that a far away from my work, but when I was about a block away from work everything set in motion…
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Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ti 22.07.2014 22:03

“What exactly?”

Well when I got to the point of last alley before manufactorum I heard a quite common sounding yelling between some gang members and tech guards from over there as in those quarters it is almost daily to hear it so I kept walking for some time, but suddenly it stopped for little moment.

I thought there they just went in separate ways or something before I heard a long and loud scream as the firing began along with desperate calls for help. I got scared about it and I ran straight to the side door for us workers to get inside, while I was looking the way of the alley as suddenly one of the tech guards appeared out from alley covered all over by blood.

He turned at my direction looking at me with his extremely bale face. He looked like he just had stared a death to its face. I haven’t seen anyone looking like that in my whole life before or since.

“You there hol…!” He began to yell to me before something pierced through his armour and pulled him back to the alley.

“Did you see anything about that thing or at least saw what came through that tech guard?” He asks out from the shadow.

Unfortunately I can’t say as on that point I rushed inside the manufactorum and sealed the door behind me, hoping that “thing” or whatever there was wouldn’t come to there after me. I only heard something walking behind the door, breathing heavily, but after that it vanished and I haven’t seen or heard it again, but it is still haunting me while I try to sleep.

“That is unfortunate indeed Mr. Hull” The voice says before a door opens behind him.

“Can I have a word with you brother?” A tall person covered in huge black armour with shining white eye lenses.

The other person within same coloured armour leaves the room and closes the door behind him leaving Hull by himself within the dark…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ti 22.07.2014 22:04

“What is it brother Athos?” Marine within his huge and threatening looking terminator armour asks out as he removes his helmet revealing his face. He’s dark brown eyes look determined and upon his right eye he has a small scar. He also has very short dark hair and wide dark eyebrows.

“We contacted the governor for this manner and it seems he wasn’t in the pleased mood to help us in this. It is seems the government here wants to keep this in low profile.” Athos answers as he removes his helmet as well.

“Politics... They are fools to let this go as it is. Then what about the trail we found? Did you find anything useful?” He asks again rubbing his forehead from frustration.

“Nothing that we wouldn’t know already, but we are quite certain it is still around here brother Thamos. What about the witness?” Athos answers back at him.

“He told pretty much the same things as the other lucky ones, but now I know our target is able to drag its victims with some kind of weapon, sting or hook; which then again lowers the number of possibilities for what it is.” He answers with sound of knowledge in his voice.

“By the way Athos where is Calion?” Thamos asks out while looking slowly over the surroundings.

“He’s a couple blocks away to the east from here Thamos to see if he might notice something.” He quickly replies just on the same time as Calion calls in from the vox.

+ Grand angel come in +

+ I’m here Calion. What is it? +

+ There is something going on over here you might like to see. +

+ Hold still. We are coming there as soon as we can. +

+Affirmative. Calion out. +

“Athos go to group up with Calion. I will let Mr. Hull go and join you then”

“Understood.” Athos replies as he pulls his helmet on and starts running towards Calion’s position.

Thamos turns back to the door to let Hull go as a sound of familiar bolter’s firing appear. It turns his every sense to fighting gear and he says to inside “You are free to leave Mr. Hull. I must hurry to my brothers.”

Then he turns to go after Athos as he puts his helmet on, hoping he doesn’t arrive to them too late…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ti 22.07.2014 22:04

The sounds of battle get louder and louder as Thamos closes upon his brothers’ position. People are yelling and guns are firing, but from beneath these sounds suddenly appears loud high screaming roar. Its sound is something Thamos just haven’t forgot over his years of service. It comes from a beast he would prefer not to meet in this kind of places.

+ Calion, Athos report! +

+ We’re assaulted by ravener brood sir. It seems they have been lurking within the sewer system. +

+Battle them off, but do not follow them if they return back to sewers. I’m almost there. +

+ Yes sir! +

Thamos rushes through the street as fast as he can with his heavy terminator armour, checking his personal assault cannon ready and just before turning around the corner he raises his massive storm shield at front of him simultaneously placing his assault cannon’s barrel into its slot at his shield.

He storms onward as the barrels begin to spin faster and faster before unleashing a barrage of rounds upon the closest ravener’s back. The beast roars from pain and anger, but as it turns to face Thamos its last sight turns out to be the blade at front of Thamos’s cannon as it pierces through its head with relative ease.

“Thamos look out! Behind you!” Athos yells out as another Ravener charges at Thamos, but before neither the ravener nor Thamos are able to do anything Calion rams on its side, striking his chainsword in its side with his jump pack roaring.

“You should always keep your guard up angel.” Calion says out as he pulls out his chainsword and fires his bolter couple times at the ravener’s chest.

“That’s why I have you to look my back brothers.” Thamos replies and starts firing upon the last few fleeing raveners, before they vanish back within the sewers.

“At least now we know what we are after… Brothers lets pursue them. We need to locate their hive and take it out before this situation gets out of hands, unless it already has…” Thamos says out as he walks into the darkness before his suit’s lights turn on with Athos and Calion right behind him. They wonder deeper and deeper within the sewer system following any track they might spot in there until the tracks run out in the middle of everything.

“The tracks end here… Where did they go?” Thamos says out as he looks around him, before continuing “Let’s split up and search the nearby tunnels. Anyone who happens to find their hive contacts the rest of us, but do not engage if it’s not completely necessary. Now move out!” He says as they went into separate ways for their search without anyone of them knowing what lies ahead of them waiting for them to appear…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ti 22.07.2014 22:05

Thamos goes onward with his heavy steps echoing through the tunnel he walks. Some smaller tyranid bio formations cover slightly the walls every now and then, but nothing more seems to show up until at the next cross-section he notices one of the raveners lying on the floor motionless. He carefully approaches the ravener with his weapon ready, but with closer look he realizes it to be dead with its throat shrewd to shred as almost same looking markings that it would have being done by a chainsword.

+ Calion response +

+ Calion here, what is it brother Thamos? Did you find something? +

+ You could say that, but it is not that we were looking for +

+ Then what is it? +

+ It seems we are not the only ones here with these xenos, so keep your eyes open for anything +

+ Roger that. Calion out +

Thamos head onward along the tunnel with few more raveners appearing with exact same looking marks upon the, which makes he senses to go on their full extent. This new threat began troubling his thoughts away from their current problem.

+ Brothers come in +

+ What is it Athos? + Thamos responses quickly.

+ I think I found their hive, if you can call this a hive anymore… +

+What do you mean? + Thamos keeps talking as he turns to head towards Athos’s location.

+ Well this place is in a quite a mess. It seems something else got here first and not quite long times ago either as these battle markings are still seemingly fresh. What was that?! +

+Athos what is going on in there?! +

+ Something is coming… or should I say some ones. + Athos answers as clear sound of him loading his bolter echoes through the vox.

+ Stand fast brother, we are coming for you + Thamos says out as he starts to hurry.

+ Understood. They are engaging. + Athos responses as the sound of his firing bolter appears.

+ Calion return to Athos immediately! + Thamos shouts as the sounds of fighting still come in from Athos’s position.

+ I’m already on my way Brother. I’m almost there. + Calion responses hastily with little worry echoing from his voice when Athos’s vox suddenly goes quiet.

They rush through the tunnels towards Athos with the sounds of their heavy footsteps thundering through the tunnels and when they finally reach his position they emerge into worse possible sight they could hope for. Within a large section three figures stand at the front of Athos with one of them pulling out his blade away from Athos’s body as at least three or four more lay on the floor dead. They stand before Calion and Thamos within their green coloured exotic armours revealing them as eldars.

“Death to the eldar! Death to xeno filth!” Thamos roars from anger and hatred now fueling his body as he charges at them with his weapon and shield raised ready Calion right behind him with his bolter and chainsword roaring for drawing the eldar blood. Even as fierce, agile and experience as these eldar warriors are they are not match against them with their numbers cut down valiantly by Athos before he went down to count. Fueled by their anger Thamos and Calion butcher their foes without any mercy, before going over to Athoses lifeless body.

Thamos kneels down to his fallen brother saying “You have done your duty well brother, may you rest now as your duty as ended. May the Emperor watch over your soul legionnaire, so that we might see again in death.” as he raises him upon his arms after giving his gears for Calion to carry and so beginning Athoses last journey.

“We need to take him back to the ship so that his gene-seed can be extracted.” Thamos says quietly as they head towards the exit.

“Well that is the least we can do for him in his honour.” Calion replies.

“You’re right Calion. He died honorably as any space marine should, but I can’t help but to think what were those eldars doing in there?” Thamos says out.

“Hmm… Whatever for they were in there I don’t think it is there anymore, but I will inform arbites just for in case that may take a look around if there happens to be something.”

“You may do that, but after that our duty here is done at least for now.” Thamos replies as he calls for extraction back to ship without yet knowing how right he was as couple years later he returned there to answer a completely more serious threat than before…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Ke 23.07.2014 21:32

Shadow of Vengeance:

Sub sector Neumphius/ Aboard strike cruiser Grim Vengeance 05:00/ Three hours before planetfall:

Kneeled at the front of Emperor's shrine Vindoraf silently whispers his prayers for the upcoming mission where he is to lead his Astartes against his hated foes. Eldars had been sighted within the jungles, assembling a host for a possible assault against the Imperial settlements there. This of course wasn't something he was willing to allow to happen, yet his mind remained troubled. Like that wouldn't be the only thing waiting for them.

The door behind him slide open as a familiar voice called out for him.
"Preparations are finished Captain. We are now only waiting for the contact from local imperial officers to give us the fresh reports about the current situation there."

The voice belonged to Chaplain Novimius or Nov by short. He was one of the eldest chaplains within the Vindoraf's company and was known for his devoted and religious temper.

"That's good to hear Novimius, yet I cannot help but to wonder why have the eldars return to that world? Didn't they already suffer greatly at our hands the last time we were there?" Vindoraf answers as he stands up, while putting his helmet back on and turning to face Nov.

"So that's been troubling you for these past few days."

"Yes as this second appreance of theirs is wau out of their character and it makes me worried. The eldar would never do something as foolish as this without proper reason don't you agree?

"Hmm... Perhaps you're right, yet maybe you're just too worried about all of this and even if there would be something bigger behind it we shall meet it with steeled fury and firy vengeance as we always had before. That is our duty as Astartes. As space marines."

"Yes you're right. I shall not let my doubt prevent me from doing my duty to my lord. Yet now it would be better for us to move up to the bridge to see if they have tried to contact us."

"Of course Captain let us go, except on the way I have to stop at the armoury to get more ammonition to my bolter."

"mmm... I just can't understand how you always manage to run out of rounds" He laughs as they head towards the bridge.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » To 24.07.2014 01:22

Sub sector Neumphius/ Aboard strike cruiser Grim Vengeance 07:40/ Twenty-minutes before planet fall:

“Battle brothers! The time has come once more to rise against the enemies of our lord and protector as they seek to broad ruin to that what is ours! The Eldar have once again come here to meet our unbreakable resolve and merciless wrath, which we will gladly give to them! Those foul xenos shall feel the fury our bolters and might of our armors as we ravage this world out of their presence! Let them experience the horror for facing the legionnaires! Now onward! For the glory of the chapter, the Emperor and the Imperium of Man!” Vindoraf roars out to his marines within the wide landing bay before the orders for the planet fall begin to echo throughout the bay.

“Veteran sergeants! Quick briefing at the thunderhawk “sky lance” in five.” He calls out loudly, while starting a “map-gram” about the planet and putting in the landing zones for his vanguard squads.

“Yes captain!” the answer echoes back almost instantly as there aren’t many who wouldn’t like serving under his command and this mostly is shown by the efforts given in by the members of 5th company.

“Captain Vindoraf there’s upcoming transmission for you waiting in channel 36.24” Servitor suddenly says out with its mechanical voice from next to him.

“Play it through.” He replies and turns to watch as servitor begins to project it through its other eye.

+ This is librarian Gabros to Vindoraf. We have successfully landed to Andophus hive and contacted the planetary governor about our arrival. As you anticipated earlier the Eldar have already started their activity against the Imperial supply-lines and communication stations, yet it seems no major offensives have taken place in any key location set before. The military forces around here seem terrified and demoralized, which comes from their poor training level. We have also contacted the inquisition as you ordered and by the looks of it it was a proper reaction. We shall now move to location Delta 5 as ordered to wait reinforcements.
With the strength and honour!
Gabros out! +

The transmission ends and vanishes as the servitor moves away to elsewhere as Vindoraf turns back to his map.

“Everything is going as planned for now, but what are they waiting for? There should have been at least some kind of bigger conflict already…” He whispers to himself, but before he can get more proper thought about it the sergeants report in for the briefing…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » Su 27.07.2014 22:26

Sub sector Neumphius/ Aboard strike cruiser Grim Vengeance 08:00/ Begin of planet fall:

At the front of Sky lance Vindoraf looks upon his troops as they are loading into their transports fully ready for war what awaits them upon the planet below. The first storm ravens are already lifting off from the bay with vanguards and their supporting dreadnoughts with them to their carefully planned locations.

At right side of him Nov and his squad of bikers are loading inside the other thunder hawk “Spear of resolute” ,while the techmarines are attaching redeemer classed Land raider to it. Nov notices his captain watching upon them and with a swift call he and his squad salute to Vindoraf, while one by one they disappear within the thunder hawk. With slight smile he turns his gaze to left from where a squad of assault marines along with an apothecary walks towards him only to stop a couple feet away before the squad’s sergeant steps forward.

“We’re now ready for departure as ordered captain.” Sergeant Borealis says out with quick salute.

“Very good sergeant! We’re currently waiting for the techmarine and his servitors to finish attaching the land raider at the sky lance, so we should be soon able to depart to Neumphius. Now if I may have a couple words with you in private sergeant?”

“Very well sir. Squad Antios move onboard the sky lance and wait for departure.” Borealis calls out to his squad and they head inside passing Borealis and Vindoraf from right side, but as the apothecary gets next to him Vindoraf places his hand upon his shoulder.

“To you as well Anton.” He says as the apothecary turns to look at them.

“Do we have any rookies with us this time sergeant?” He asks right away before sergeant can ask his question.

“There are brother Thule and Brother Ruth. They were adapted to the company’s service couple month ago when we were back at Stardium, yet I don’t see them as problem. They have shown good results in training and they have some amount of battle experience from their time in scout and assault reserve companies.”

“Yet they have no experience when it comes to fighting in proper battle company. Every time someone more experienced battle brother from this company falls, he leaves a huge cap in his place before some of these rookies can truly fill it up and even you should know how hard that is Borealis.”

“Well I can’t deny the truth from your words captain, but I’m confident they will pull it through and earn their place here.”

“I didn’t say they would not have the chance, but they are in your responsibility to be trained and that they are shown what it is truly to be a proper legionnaire.”

“I’m fully aware of that captain. They are not the first rookies I have pushed through their introduction to this company.”

“Good and now to the more important matter. Once we have made the planet fall I want you and Anton to join forces with Commander Lucan at point FD1 with half of your squad including those two rookies. I then shall take command of rest of your squad and head towards point FD3 to gain reports from our scouts there. Then I shall meet you again at RPA1. Have I now made myself clear?”

“Yes sir!” They answer simultaneously to Vindoraf as pilot calls out to them to be ready to lift off.

“Now onward brothers! With Strength and Honour!” Vindoraf says out loudly and turns to head inside the sky lance as its massive engines ignite to life.

“With Strength and Honour!” Anton and Borealis reply in an echo to Vindoraf and follow up their captain to upcoming war…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » La 02.08.2014 17:51

Sub sector Neumphius/08:10 in local planetary time/ on route to Delta 5:

Inside dark and dense jungles of Neumphius Gabros and sternguard squad Typhoon marches towards the location delta 5. The air is warm and heavy with rain just about to begin, but weather is a least of their problems there as the jungles themselves are delving with predatory monstrosities and hostile xenos. Yet despite all of that it remind them about their recruitment world and even some of them were making jokes about that.

To them these conditions were nothing to compare in, which kind of battles they had been before and no wonder as they are from the first company of their chapter. They are battle-hardened veterans who truly had seen worse than worse and lived to see and fight another day. In the battle of measuring the battle scars these guys would win against any other company and their captain would only be bested by his chapter master who had been leading the chapter all the way from its founding days. Yet from aside of that they gladly join forces with their battle brothers and would with honour die alongside them; although hoping this wouldn’t be that day.

Their sergeant suddenly rises up his hand to make the squad to halt and says out quietly “did you hear that?”

“What is it sergeant?” Gabros asks, while slowly approaches the sergeant.

“I’m not sure brother librarian, but it sound like something would have moved behind those trees over there. Umer move up for the lookout, we will cover your approach.” Sergeant calls out.

“Aye brother sergeant!” the marine carrying a heavy flamer at the back of unit answers and heads towards the tree line covered in vines and bushes, while other squad members point their bolters in that direction and still keeping lookout to other directions.

Umer walks up right in front of the bushes and scans them through with the sweep of his flamer with also looking pass the tree line seeing the ground lowering down into vale covered up with trees with a river running across it, yet he sees nothing else.

He turns back to his squad saying loudly “Ground clear sergeant! Here’s nothing but more jungle ahead!” before in instant he feels a hot sting at back of his neck as energy bolt pierces through his helmet, flesh and skull before piercing through below his eye socket as blood and tissue spill out from it. After a slight moment the incredible pain strikes hard, paralyzing his body as he falls to his knees roaring in agonizing pain.

“Get your heads down! We have a sniper! Brother Zarkov with me, let’s get Umer out of there.” Sergeant roars out before he slowly starts to approach roaring Umer, while remaining low trying to avoid getting into sniper’s sights.

“Brother Stahl come with me, we need to get that sniper out before it can take out more of us.” Gabros says to brother next to him carrying a stalker pattern bolter.

“Very well brother librarian.” He replies as they move few meters to the right, trying to get a visual of the sniper pinning down their squad. Then they simply lay down to wait for the next shot, which comes after a painfully long minute.

“There he is. Do you see him?” Gabros asks out quietly.

“Yes. He is within my sights.” Stahl answers as he slides in manually a dragon fire round and prepares for firing just before another energy bolt flashes a pass them with only a mere inch away as the pathfinder tries hastily to take out one of them.

“This is for Umer you xeno scum!” Stahl says as he pulls the trigger and with flash of bursting flame the round slices through the air to its target exploding in the impact against the pathfinder. The hot gas released from within it along with shrapnel’s of the bolt itself makes short, but deadly work against the unfortunate eldar who dies with a scream pain.

“The xeno sniper is gone, so let’s move back to the squad brother librarian.” Stahl says as he stands up and turns to hurry back to the squad with Gabros right behind him…

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » La 02.08.2014 17:51

During my life I have seen many fierce and absolutely terrying sights, all the way from human thugs to my fellow space marines and heretics with their daemonical abominations. From smallest of gaunts to thundering monstrousities in forms haruspexies, ork warbosses, avatars and greater daemons...

But there was only a one man even I got little scared to face off with and that was the captain Vindoraf. His sight and appearance instill so much fear and wrath that it would have been like if you would have stared the terror itself to the face.

I have seen many of the toughest and the most experienced of officers backing down from debate against him, yet his devotion and faith remains true to the Emperor and the chapter. He is a fine captain and very honoured Astartes by many. Even from beyond our chapter and there shall be no denying of that. His fame and achievements echo far and I have yet to meet a man who wouldn't have enjoyed to serve at his side.

Aye... He truelly is one of the finest and most loyal of Astartes I have had pleasure to get known with and aye... I shall have the honour of calling him my battle brother. As my friend...

(Chapter master Stanfar to Marneus Calgar after the battle of Ruim VI)

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » La 25.10.2014 10:23

Relic of Deep hulk

Within the darkness of his chamber a very exhausted looking man sits upon his stone chair or to some view it could be called a throne. He's going through the piles of parchment papers at front of him. A few quietly grumbling servitors are helping to organize and examine them with him as a lonely servo skull shows the different location and people they are from. Most of them are quickly redirected to other places, a few remain next to his chair ,bearing sigil from much more important persons which he handles in private. Then in a sudden the sound of knocking appears and person enters through the door.

"I'm sorry interrupt your duties chapter master as I was sent here by Chief librarian to retrieve the necessary documentation and enlistments." The man says as he walks towards him with causion.

He clearly wears the seremonial robes of a librarian of the Death Legion, so he shows him a sign to relax.

"I presume that this is your first time within my chamber brother codixier?" He says, while ordering the servitor to change the parchment.

"Yes it is milord. This is an tremendous honour for me, yet I must be going with haste so where may I find those documentations?" He replies in awe as he looks around his surroundings.

"Not in that much haste that you wouldn't mind telling me your name librarian." He calls out again without moving his gaze away from his work at hand.

"Oh my apologizes milord, I'm Corxus Wen." He replies with a slight bow as Stanfar turns his gaze finally at him taking a single scroll from the pile beside his chair with a black seal raising it towards the librarian.

"Here is all you need librarian. Within this scroll is all the information about your next assignment. From now on I give you orders until this duty is fulfilled. Is this clear enough for you codixier?" He says loudly as the librarian takes the scroll from him.


"Good. We shall meet in 0400 hours. With strength and honour legionnaire!"

"With strength and honour chapter master!" He replies with a salute and turns to the door, while opening the scroll with slight concern.

Relic of Deep Hulk 1

On his way to the battle barge's armoury Corxus reads through again parchment where the every fatal detail is written upon.

His next mission is signed to be upon a dreadful space hulk called "Grim Pearl". It is soon to arrive within the space of Stardium system. It is said to be carrying an artifact, a ancient relic belonging to another chapter which they're going to recover it for, although the name of the chapter is not included within the information.

This lack of information is raising suspicious into his mind, yet he puts them aside as he arrives to the armouries door. He calls out his passages rites to the access console and gives in his personal code before the heavily reinforced door opens before him. From behind it opens a large storaging hall area with massive sealed up racks full of weapons and ammunition. Little further stand the storages for armours of those who are currently aboard the vessel and few extra ones which are empty. The sound coming from within the hall is surprisigly loud, coming from the working servitors and techmarines as they orchestrate all the activities and hard duties with the armoury.

Corxus passes within into search for master of the armoury itself. Which he hears out not to be the most difficult thing to do as his loud voice of command is the quite easy to follow.

As Corxus get within sight of him he calls out "Brother Teclicus may I have a word with you?" Yet there is no reaction from him as Corxus gets even closer.

"Brother Teclicus?! I would need to talk to you!" Corxus calls out louder with similar outcome. Finally he stop right behind him, while filling up his lungs and then him roars out.

"TECL~!!!" Yet before he can finish his sentence the older looking marine spins around faster Corxus could have even imagined him capable of doing it as he roars far louder back "SILENCE!!!"

With that roar suddenly all the previous noises vanish like in a thin air and all movement within the hall stops in its tracks. Corxus's ears are ringing loudly from the sudden burst of noise right in front of him.

"I can bloody hear you. Can't you see i'm busy? Rest of you back to working!" He says loudly, springing life back into the armoury.

"Now what do you want? It is better be important." He asks out, while signing the servitor to leave.

While his ears still ringing Corxus passes over the parchment to him answering "I came to coll~."

"These are at container 3.32A at the second deck. Brother techmarine Noll shall show you where it is. Now if you have nothing else bid you farewell." Teclicus turns to head out to his other duties but then calls out to behind him "next time when you're at the duty under chapter master then just say that and I see you through what you need."

Still struggling to hear what he said Corxus heads towards the elevator to the upper decks wondering about the mission he is soon to depart.

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Re: Stanfarin tuotoksia.

Viesti Kirjoittaja stanfar » La 01.11.2014 04:25

Relic of the Deep Hulk 2

Only the sound of ringing within his ears breaks the silence inside the elevator. That ringing is disturbing his very thoughts as well as he wonders about the mission.

Why was he chosen to be a part of this mission. He had not paid out much time to the needs of other chapters so it also wondered why hadn't this chapter came to reclaim their relic by themselves? Despite his mind telling that these things shouldn't matter as it would bring honour to his chapter for helping their other brothers, but what more he keeps on wondering that more unanswered questions come up to him.

His wondering breaks as the elevator comes to a stop and its doors slide to aside revealing a dark and gloomy corridor from behind them with only two brighter signs upon the wall showing the direction.

"Let us see, which way should I go.." he thinks out loud, looking for the way without noticing an approaching figure.

"Codixier Corxus I pressume." It calls out to him with it more mechanic voice getting him off guard.

"Yes that's I" he replies turning into his direction to gaze upon the other marine. He wears an armour coloured almost fully in black from apart of his bright white helmet lenses and his right arm coloured fully in deep red, bearing the symbol of mechanicus.

"I'm brother Noll. The master of the armoury requested me to accompany to the storage 3.32A."

"Oh excellent. I might have got little lost here, but might we be on our way." Corxus answers.

"Of course brother. Just follow in my steps and don't stray. Here are some things that are not meant to you to see." Noll says as he turns to head away with Corxus on his tail.

The distance wasn't that long, yet there are many vaults and chambers along the way that tempted Corxus to take a look and see those things which were stored inside them, yet his stayed his mind away from them.

"And here we are. All you need should be in there Codixier. I will get a few servitors in here to check that all should be fitted for you." Noll says.

"Fitted? What is fitted for me?" He asks little bit confused, which shows from his face.

"Your terminator armour of course brother. There is of course the mobile storage unit for the relic itself in there and other equipment. Now I shall leave you here to make your preparations before casing into the holy armour." Noll says as he heads further along the corridor leaving Corxus at the storage vault.

When he finally overcomes his confusion and own amaze Corxus steps inside to have a gaze upon his new hulking armour as it hangs on its hangers just before a notification about the arrival of the space hulk sounds through the vox-channels of the vessel...

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