Another day in the office - jatkokertomus alkaa

Onko kynä (tai näppäimistö) miekkaa mahtavampi? Tule ja todista, että näin on - muuten emme usko.
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Another day in the office - jatkokertomus alkaa

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Teen KuoFin sivuille jatkokertomusta ja julkaisen sitä vuoroviikottain, joten ajattelin julkaista sen myös tänne. Suomen kieltä en viitsi raiskata, joten kirjoitan englanniksi, kun sitä nyt on viimeksi tullut opiskeltuakin. Pätkäisen kerronnallisesti järkeviin kohtiin, eli välillä matskua tulee enemmän, välillä vähemmän.

Another day in the office

Captain Treleus hovered in the captain's dome with his abeyant and plucked neocortex into place with eerily twisting cones emerging from the dome. Around him the crew saluted the captain.

+Another day in the office+, he thought and greeted his officers with a phrase he often used while coming back to the bridge although he has hardly ever seen an office yet alone worked in such. Treleus was a quirk in Navy's modus operandi. He was the first psyker given rank of Captain and allowed to pilot a Battle Barge class ship and he never tried to conceal his outworldish abilities and therefore used his psychic voice to address his subordinates.

+XO, you are free to go on your leave.+ he continued.

'Thank you sir. I'll be back on the night watch.' Said Artemis Fyre and saluted the captain second time before hitting the door pane and waiting it to open. 'I forget to add that Iron Father Vülgar is doing "something" below the warp core. Another experiment of his maybe.' Said Fyre with a dull tone before leaving.

+Highly likely. All of the available cogitators have been bound to his use. Again...+

Recently Vülgar had been doing all kinds of experiments to enhance capacity of Leviathan's Tide's cogitating power for Emperor knows what use. There have been even rumours of formerly disappeared gun cogitators appearing where Vülgar had been tinkering with his toys.

'Minor fluctuations in warp core' said servitor in charge of translating engine readouts into voice. 'Geller Fields at 99,9998% of optimum harmonics stability' the monotonic announcer continued.

+Well that's precise.+ Treleus thought aloud with some sarcastic tone in his thinking. At the same time it occurred him that maybe Vülgar had plugged his army of cogitators into the Warp Core. Even he wouldn't be that crazy, he thought himself while the lighting of the bridge flickered.

'Major spike at electronics grid' announced the same servitor as before.

+Vülgar, what are you up to. Care to elaborete us with atleast some info before you start tinkering with primary plasma cores.+ Treleus thought and added some effort to reach Vülgar into aft parts of the ship with his psychic abilities.

'Just doing my research, Captain' voxed gritty sound of Vülgars voice box. He had sacrificed plenty of his weak flesh in order to achieve machine empathy required for any Iron Father and vocal chords were among first to be replaced with metal in order for him to communicate better with machines.

'Major fluctuations in the warp core' voiced the servitor. 'Geller fields dropping' it comtinued while multicolored haze started filling the ceiling, floor and walls of the bridge.

+Vülgar, what in the Emperors behind your doing+

'Just doing my research, as I said Captain' sounded from captain's the vox grill before eerily shadows started to emerge from a thin air into the bridge.
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