AOS Escalation League 2020 (TURKU)

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AOS Escalation League 2020 (TURKU)

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Age of Sigmar Turku

Fantasiapelit Turku

Threat of Archaon has grown too large and now Grand Alliances must react swiftly before Chaos conquers Mortal realms through Allpoints.

Aos eskalaatio liiga 2020

10 euron osallistumismaksu joka maksetaan Fantasiapeleihin käteisellä kun tulet pelaamaan

Aloituspäivä : 8. Tammikuuta 2020 Fantasiapelit Turku kello 18:00 alkaen

Tammikuu 750 points, (vanguard säännöillä)
Helmikuu 1250 points (vanguard)
Maaliskuu 1500 points (battlehost)
Huhtikuu 2000 points (battlehost)

Kampanja käyttää seuraavanlaista pistelaskusysteemiä:

Bonus Campaign points:

2 points: won major victory optional matched play game
1 points: won minor victory optional matched play game

Narrative game campaign points:

Draw 1 cp
Winning a major victory: 5 CP
Winning a minor victory: 3 CP
The enemy general was slain: 1 CP
Your general was not slain: 1 CP
1 or more units from your army ended the battle wholly within enemy territory: 1 CP
For each enemy monster that was slain: 1 CP max 3 CP
For each enemy hero that was slain: 1 CP max 3 CP
Half or more of the units in the enemy army were destroyed: 1 CP (Summoned units not included)
All the units in the enemy army were destroyed: 1 CP (Summoned units not included)

Other campaign points:

1 point: wrote a background paragraph for a unit in the army in the cycle or made battle report (max 2 per cycle)

0,5 point: bought something from Fantasiapelit Turku (max 1 points per cycle)
1 point bought any army AOS warscroll from Fantasiapelit Turku (max 2 points per cycle)

for every 5 wounds painted before next cycle/month (shade and highlight) = 1 CP
MAX 5 CP (These models must be used in the escalation army)

Allpoints will be calculated at the end of the cycle/month, so don't forget to submit your points early to organizers! All points not submited to organizers by second last day of the month will get zero points. For simplicity submit dates by:

January 30th
February 28th
March 30th
April 29th

You can start painting for cycle one/January right now, just take photos with dates before and after of painted minis. And if you buy something from Fantasiapelit, save receipts and show them to campaign organizers when you come to play

Each player MUST play narrative campaign scenario first. After that, if they choose they can play additional bonus campaign game which can be chosen from any scenarios from the rulebook/s, with the same point level as the main campaign scenario. aka January is 750p games. Note that bonus campaign scenario doesn't give narrative campaign game points again, only major and minor victory points are calculated. If player has already played narrative scenario and plays against player that hasn't, he will count the game as bonus campaign game.

Further details of scenarios will be given in January. All entry fees will go towards rewards for players. At least top three players will be rewarded at the end of campaign.
Viestit: 8
Liittynyt: Ma 31.07.2017 17:30

Re: AOS Escalation League 2020 (TURKU)

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Jos olet tulossa kampanjaan, on erittäin suositeltavaa liittyä samassa Turun AOS whatsapp ryhmään --->

Jaamme lisätietoa kampanjasta ja skenaariot chätin sisällä.
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