Warhammer 40k kampanja syksylle 2017 (16.10-17.12)

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Warhammer 40k kampanja syksylle 2017 (16.10-17.12)

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Warhammer 40k Campaign”The Scouring of the Belicose System”

A loose band of warlords is attacking a system with meagre defences, inexperienced troops and good tacticians. With the conflict escalating quickly out of hand, will the raiders be able to gather enough loot and glory for the endeavour to be worthwhile?

“The Scouring of Belicosa System” is a Warhammer 40k campaign for two teams: the “Warlords” as the attackers and the “Tacticians” as the defenders. Each team will have different Detachment’s available to them at different times. The campaign is divided into three phases, each lasting three weeks. First phase “The Raids” is from 16.10 to 5.11, the second phase “Consolidation” is from 6.11 to 26.11 and the third phase “Retaliation” is from 27.11 to 17.12. In each phase there are three locations to fight over, each with their own scenarios. Each locations scenarios form a ladder with the latest played scenario determining the owner of the location. Players should try to play the next scenario from their chosen location that neither player has played yet. At the end of a phase the side with the most locations gains an advantage for the next phase.
During each phase the players earn Campaign Points for their team and Victory Points for themselves. The team with the most Campaign Points at the end of the campaign is the winning Team with the players with most Victory Points being each team’s best players. The players earn Victory Points according to the points they have scored in the games they have played and Campaign Points according to the result of the game:
Win->2CP, Loss->0CP, Draw->1CP. In addition, each team has a secret objective that can earn them 10CP.

Players can play freely play against each other, but playing against a player from the same team will result in the team losing CP equal to half of the amount they would have gained rounding down. If a teams CP would go below zero, then the team loses the campaign as the constant infighting makes the war efforts impossible. If at the end of a phase a team has double the amount of CP that the opposing team has, then their team wins the campaign immediately.
Examples: Matti plays and wins against Kauko with the result 5-3. Matti plays for the Tacticians so he gains 2 CP for Tacticians and 5 VP for himself, while Kauko gains 0 CP for Warlords and 3 VP for himself. Then Kauko plays and loses against Harri. They are each from the Warlords team. The Warlords loses 1 CP and Harri and Kauko each gain the number of VP they gained from the game.


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