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Re: Shadow Wars: Armageddon starttaa Joensuussa toukokuussa!

Viesti Kirjoittaja Pexufell » Ma 28.08.2017 17:22

All fun things must come to an end and so will this campaign. I will give everybody two (2) more weeks to resolve any remaining battles. After that I will announce the winners. That would be 12th of September or the day after. Depending m schedules. There is a twist though. I will let everybody to attack everybody for these last two weeks. So if you have been sitting in the sad corner surrounded by inactive players, then no worries. You are now allowed to attack anyone who is active. I personally have two more attacks left so if anyone wants to defend against my chaos boys send me a personal message.

I also want to apologize for my absence here at Sotavasara lately. Unfortunately the combined effort of work, life and family stretched my hobby time quite thin. It is not a valid excuse for you but unfortunately it is the only reason I can give. My deepest apologies.

In a bit lighter note I would like to meet any of you after the campaign ends who wants to give me feedback. Like I have said earlier I am a complete noob when it comes for running a campaign. So all feedback is welcomed. I will be handing out the prizes on the feedback day also so that's an extra reason to come. The day is either 13th or 14th of September.

Thank you everybody for participating and happy hunting!



Armageddon will come to an end at 11 of September and after that I would like to meet anybody who wants to give me feedback. I´m also sorry for not being able to be online that much. Sorry.

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