Wasa Steamroller VII

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Wasa Steamroller VII

Viesti Kirjoittaja Pake » To 10.07.2014 10:54

16.8.2014 09.00AM @ Wasa Wargames Club, Vaasa

Participation fee and registration:
Participation fee is 5€ which will be paid in cash at the venue before the tournament begins.
Please show up at the venue as early as possible to avoid causing extra hassle to tournament organizers.
Due to the limited space of the venue/club, the seats will be limited to 20 players which will be a 5-round tournament but the number of players participating in the tournament determines the maximum number of games.

Prizes (Standard Steamroller coins) will be awarded to top three players. The owner of the best painted army will also receive a special prize).
Also, an award from fastest 'Caster/Warlock Kill will be awarded.

Game Sizes:
The games will be played with 50-point armies.

This event follows the core rules for ‪Steamroller 2014‬‬‬‬‬ except as noted below in the Appendix rules.

- You must bring two (2) different army lists with two (2) different Warcasters/Warlocks. The original and epic incarnation(s) of a character do not count as the same version of a model.Both armies have to be from the same faction. Both lists must be used at least once in the tournament.
- Characters restricted
- Painted armies are not required
- There is a 110-minute death clock (55 minutes per player, including deployment)
- Each scenario has been pre-determined from the Steamroller 2014 rules.
- No scenario variants are in use

The scenarios are:

1. Destruction
2. Balance of Power
3. Close Quarters
4. Incursion
5. Outflank


08.00 Doors open and registration begins
09.00 First round begins
10.50 First round ends
11.00 Second round begins
12.50 Second round ends
14.00 Third round begins
15.50 Third round ends
16.00 Fourth round begins
17.50 Fourth round ends
18.00 Fifth round begins (if needed)
19.50 Fifth round ends

The schedule may and will be altered when necessary.

- Jani Parkkari is the event organizer (EO) and will be the judge, jury and executioner in the tournament (with Juho Hinkkanen lending a helping hand in rules judging and keeping game records, if necessary).
- Best painted army will be voted by all players anonymously.

You can register to the tournament by either emailing [email protected] or by phone at +358401751355.

The occasionally required sleeping can be done at the club (bring your own sleeping bags), or at the nearby hotels. http://www.radissonblu.fi/hotelli-vaasa 100 meters from the club, http://www.omenahotels.com/fi/hotellit/suomi/vaasa/ in the same building as the club, or at http://www.kantarellis.fi 38 meters from the club.
Wasa Wargames Club members can provide some limited accommodation on first come, first serve basis. PM Pake for details. The railway station is located 150 meters from the club so taking the train is a valid option, too.
And it should be mentioned that there's an Irish Pub 150 meters from the club so post-tournament activities should be easy to arrange.

Attendees (Name & Faction)

1. Juho Hinkkanen (Retribution of Scyrah)
2. Johan Dyrlind (Circle)
3. Fredrik Söderman (Menoth)
4. Robin Andersson
5. Mateusz Poblocki
6. Jukka Nyholm (Cryx)
7. Matias Haglund (Mercs)
8. Pekka Hildén (Legion)
9.Otto Hinkkanen (Mercs)
10. Mikko Willman (Cryx)
11. Mikael Kuivalainen (CoC)
12. Tumppi Iivonen (Khador)
13. Erik Öhman (Cygnar)
14. Filip Zingmark (Trolls)

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Re: Wasa Steamroller VII

Viesti Kirjoittaja Juike » La 19.07.2014 21:40

I can inquire if a group discount will be possible at Radisson blu. If needed that is.?
I'm sorry, I cant hear you over how Awesome I am!

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