Wasa Wargames Club WM/H general league rules

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Wasa Wargames Club WM/H general league rules

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From this day forth, the following base rules apply to all Privateer Press Organized Play leagues unless otherwise stated:

1. Only played games can earn you league points.
2. Playing a game will give you two (2) league points, regardless of game size
3. Winning a game will give you one (1) league point
4. Using a new Warcaster/Warlock will give you one (1) point, once per caster and one new caster per game.
5. Only four games per week will give you league points
6. You can not play against the same opponent twice in a row
7. You can play games at home or elsewhere outside of the club. However, see rule #6
8. A league winner prize will be awarded to the league winner only if the prize kit includes one. No additional prizes will be awarded
9. All participants will receive a patch/pin if there are enough participants to cover the cost of the league kit
10. Depending on the span of the league, the max amount of games will be limited. 10 for a four week league, 15 for a six week league
11. Playing against non league participants is allowed
12. The leagues can be played using multiple factions. Borrowing armies and/or models is not permitted; you have to own the models you are playing
13. The games can be played with 15, 25, 35 and 50 point armies and one Warlock/Warcaster
14. Obvious rules bending will get you disqualified from the league

These rules can and will be altered if necessary.

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