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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Isorians of Salaman

Onko kynä (tai näppäimistö) miekkaa mahtavampi? Tule ja todista, että näin on - muuten emme usko.
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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Isorians of Salaman

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Laitanpa tännekkin joskus Warlordin BtGoA -peliin rustaamani taustapörrön armeijalleni. Vain lontooksi, mutta koittakaa kestää.

Salaman (colloquially refers to the system, its star and main planet of interest) is a rather resource poor system. It consists of a single star and two planets orbiting it, an inner rocky planet and an icy gas giant wit two moons. For one reason or another the system has (relatively speaking) few other solid objects.
The history of planet Salaman goes back millenia. First found by humans at the tail end of the Second age, the barren but otherwise hospitable world was seeded with genetically modified plants and animals to help terraform it. Like many such systems, it was promptly abandoned when the gates of Antares began to close again.
As the world's gate never emerged in the Antarean nexus during the Third age, the flora and fauna of Salaman were left to their own devices for thousands of years. Geological records indicate that the system experienced at least 20 000 of isolation in local temporal perspective before the gate re-opened. During this time the hardy and tough specimens multiplied and diversified so that when the World was rediscovered during the Fourth Age, it was covered in jungles full of endemic species.
As the planet was now rather beatiful to look at and located in favourable location related to the main systems of the Xon-empire, it was claimed as the resort destination for the imperial cohort. More  exotic species were introduced and countless summer palaces and bungalows built on the now gardened green continents. The exact role of the planet changed many times during those long centuries, but there was always some influental people in high places in need of their own place of Sun away but not too far off of the buzzle of the Capital.
When the Xon-empire's time came, Salaman didn't go unnoticed. Its large palaces and castles were plundered several times, but the planet as a whole was never razed. The new planetary population, the descendants of the service staff, foresters and gardeners, had to built their society anew.
As the wartorn Fifth age rolled into picture, the people of Salaman found their world under attack several times. Even if the system had little material value, there was always some Warlord or pirate ready to take whatever they could. A few times the whole system was full of conflict as the chance chose the system as the location of some major battle between the emerging powers. Not all contact with the outsiders were hostile, though, as some new-comers just wanted to trade or settle, giving their own twist to the planetary population.
After the Antarean Nexus close again at the end of Fift age, the system gate would not open until the beginning of the Seventh. During this time the inhabitants of the system were forced back to rely on technologies they could manufacture by themself. Never an industrial hub, the planet had to replace transmats and structural suspensors with shuttlecraft and plastcrete. Nanospore technology was largely forgotten. Nevertheless, the life wasn't all bad with these more primitive solutions and modest cityscapes dotted the green coasts of Salaman.
When the Gate to Salaman system finally re-emerged in Antarean Nexus, its location near the interface between Isorian Senatex and Panhuman Concord made it immediately a strategic location. Unlike in previous ages, the travelling time trough the gate took considerable time, weeks in one direction, but such concerns matter little between the constant struggle between the two IMTEL powers. Once again the people of Salaman were forced in the middle of a conflict and one they themselves had little control over. But fate had stored to them worse things than mere war.
Hostilities between invading forces had only properly set place when a disaster of unforeseen scale struck the whole system. The reason behind the calamity is still not fully understood. Some blame natural causes, while others note that the timing and systematic nature of the proceedings point to artificial nature, perhaps a weapon from the ages past? But something caused the central star of Salaman to explode in a Nova that blasted everything in Salaman with deadly radiation. At the same time the southern continent of Salaman -planet experienced violent geographic activity, destroying everything on the surface with earthquakes and volcanoes. Both IMTEL -shards decided immediately to evacuate all living personnel on system and continue thei quarrel elsewhere. For over a decade the Salaman -system was only occasionally visited by probes to ascertain the infernal conditions of the star.
The people of Salaman didn't get a chance to escape their doomed world. Most perished in the immediate catastrophe and many more died from radiation and starvation. Millions of people dwindled into mere thousands, the few survivors escaping the hellish conditions of the surface into ancient bunkers and natural cave systems.
Despite their human masters vacating the system, the war between Isori and C3 still continued, although in diminished fashion. The visiting forces had left enough field installations, drones and nanospore to sustain itself. Most of the warring happened in nano-scale, but several times independently acting drone forces clashed on the radiation blasted surface and murky tunnels. After years of such robotic warfare the Isorian Shard managed to destroy the last nanophage generators of Concord and ensure victory.
During the tail-end of the conflict the Isoria IMTEL had enough resources to divert some of its attention to still surviving living natives. Created to protect and serve panhumans in all cases, it did its best to ease the living conditions of the survivors. New technology was introduced to make cave dwelling more tolerable for the newest members of Isorian Senatex. Novel genetic treatments were developed to adabt them into both the underground gloom and radiation ridden deserts of the surface. Today people of Salaman can be easily told by their unnaturally pale skin complexion and reddish eyes.
As the solar radiation waned and the volcanic ash stopped felling from the sky, life slowly re-emerged to the surface. Gone were the teeming forests and blue waters, replaced with deserts and acrid oceans hostile for life.
As part of integration process, some ablebodied members of the panhumans of Salaman were drafted into Phase Squads. This was as well, because after the solar storms ceased, C3 was quicker to react and so the Isorian IMTEL had to face its nemesis once again, but this time aided by local forces. After short and bloody conflict, the Salaman Phasetroopers and their well established IMTEL managed to drive the Concordian scouting force off the system.
After that brief War against C3, connection with the Isorian Senatex proper was re-established. After months of drone- based communication and reinforcements, the first off-world flesh and blood Isorians arrived to Salaman. One of the leaders of this small armada was Loreel a Larai, a NuHu Senatexis of some infamy. Rumours about her precarious situation with the more civilized World of Senatex are abound on the border regions such as interface Slaman is located. Some say she performed some great military feat with terrible cost, some claim her experiments with panhumans had her exiled. Still some claim she is secretly a renegade Freeborn NuHu with forged identity credentials. Whatever the truth, she is a brilliant genetist, and the state of Salaman inhabitants and other lifeforms intrigue her greatly.
With her also arrived the first Tsan Ra. These large aliens greatly disturbed the unaccustomed Salamans, which has lead to some tensions with the population. Still, such powerful shocktroops are vital in border world next to Concord space. IMTEL has chosen to isolate the two populace outside the military context and gradually ease the natives to the strange looks of the Tsan Ra.
Right now Salaman is an somewhat inhosbitable, heavily fortified and slowly rebuilt frontier world. It may take centuries until regular people can breath the athmosphere unaided, but inside the freshly built arcologies the environment is outright pleasant. Vast barracks housing thousands of phase troopers both raised from local populace and brought as reinforcement elsewhere dot the surface. Location makes it good base for forays into the Antarean Nexus, even when you take the travel time trough the gate in account. Orbital installations are considerable. In addition of being a storage site for troops and scouting drones, considerable effort is devoted to research. The catalcysmic event is well remembered, and the star is closely monitored for it to reveal some clue on what happened. Perhaps it all becomes clear one day, but for now installations in Salaman are as radiation proofed as is manageable, in case the event would happen again.

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